6 Proven Methods For De-Stressing After A Tough Day

  1. Get Up And Walk!

If your job requires you to spend long hours hunched over your desk, give yourself a healthy release of endorphins by taking a walk. A 15-minute walk is all that’s required to get your brain functioning again without the stress weighing you down. The next time you need to use the restroom, why not take the long way there and fit some light exercise into your schedule?

  1. Focus On Your Breathing

Deep breathing exercises are constantly recommended, but with good reason! Taking some deep breaths can help spread oxygen through your body and de-stress your mind. First, take a deep breath through your nose and make sure you fill your lungs to capacity. Then, slowly release the air by breathing out through your mouth.

**For success, repeat this exercise up to 10 times and you will see your worries drift away!

  1. Get Stretching!

Much like walking, doing some basic stretches can help loosen your limbs and allow oxygen to flow through your body. If you’re short on time, stretching your hands, neck, and back can help you cope with your workday better.

  1. Use A Meditation App

The history of meditation dates back to 5,000 BCE, but thanks to apps and modern technology, you can enjoy its benefits, too! Inscape and Headspace are two of the most popular meditation apps that allow you to participate in mindfulness exercises while also learning to relax.

  1. Write A Checklist When In Doubt

Sometimes, what really holds you back from feeling relaxed is a lack of motivation. Get motivated and feel more in-control of your goals by writing a checklist. Not only is the process relaxing, but they can help you prioritize tasks that may otherwise weigh you down.

  1. Get A Fresh Perspective

Sometimes, the best way to deal with stress is to vent it out with a friend or a family member. Getting a new perspective on a problem can help you face it head on. Plus, having one-on-one interactions with people releases a hormone called oxytocin that helps you bond and de-stress.

  1. Sleep

Have you ever noticed that everything feels better when you are well rested. Sleep deprivation can cause many health issues, stress being one of them. Ensuring that you get plenty of restful sleep is an important part of destressing. With that in mind read these Slumber Search Bear Hybrid reviews and upgrade to a great night’s sleep.

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