A Detailed Guide to Medical Lift Chairs

As life passes by human bones starts getting weaker leading to mobility problems like sitting, standing, walking and many more. At this point of time, many people become dependent on their family, but there are those who love to be independent and want a sheer control over their work. For these people medical lift chair can be a great choice and work as support equipment.

In this article, we have covered a detailed guide about medical lift chairs. Once you know the exact type of lift chair you were looking for your specific needs, you can shop the same at ScootAround. They have all variety of lift chairs which are listed below, available in different colours and fabrics with accessories which will make you feel more comfortable.

What is medical lift Chair?

Lift chairs are also known as lift recliners. These chairs are large and designed with extra comfort and provide additional head, neck, and back supports. It is specially designed for the individuals who are recovering from joint pain, leg or ankle surgeries and elderly people who face problem while sitting and standing. With the push of a button lift chair can be switched from upright to recline position within seconds. Lift chair also help the user to sit down properly and comfortably form the standing position.

Types of medical Lift Chair

The types of lift chair can be divided into main four categories which are as follows:

Three-Position Lift Chairs

Three-Position lift chairs are one of the most popular recliner with wide range of style and designs. These chairs help the user to recline comfortably and safely into a napping position. These chairs are commonly used for napping and it can be helpful for those who aren’t able to sleep flat on a bed.

Infinite-Position Lift Chairs

Infinite-Position lift chairs are more versatile and expensive lift chairs as it can recline 180 degrees or more which allows user to fully recline for sleeping and resting position. These chairs have dual motors that helps user to adjust the leg rest and seatback independently and comfortably. This chair is an excellent option for an individual who suffers from circulation problems, as the chair’s Trendelenburg Position allows the users to lie with their feet elevated above their heart. You can visit here to know about the abovethenews. On the other hand, you can also get more essential info on dbfile. Here is the best news portal thoughtco where you can get the latest news around the world.

Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

Zero Gravity Lift Chairs are the most expensive lift chair. These chairs offer all the features of the infinite-position lift chairs, also have capability to recline with unique “Zero Gravity Position”. The Zero Gravity reclining position improves circulation and helps in relieving back pain by reducing tension on the spine.

Heavy Duty Recliners

Heavy Duty Recliners are designed to support higher weight capacities of 500lbs or more. It is specially designed for the user who has additional weight. In order to handle this additional weight these recliners are designed with wider seat and overall larger size than regular lift chairs. In this lift chair powerful electric motors are used to recline and tilt the user.

Feature to consider when buying the lift chair for you or for your loved one.

There are many important things to think about before purchasing the perfect lift chairs. Here are some key features to take into consideration before purchasing the medical lift chair.

Comfort – lift chairs are specially designed with the comfort for the user so they can relax and keep their stress and tension out. Most of the models are featured with padded seats and armrests. Seat width, depth, height affect the comfort of the user so it become important to consider the comfort of the user.

Versatility – It is important to consider versatility of a lift chair because there are some lift chairs which are more versatile than others. Those users who want flexible and versatile lift chair so they can take advantage of every position from lifted to sleeping can prefer infinite position or zero gravity lift chairs.

Weight capacity- Before purchasing a chair, check the weight capacity of your lift chair because you can’t put excess weight on the chair consistently. Lift chairs can anyway handle weight from 300 to 500 lbs or more it depends on the model you are buying.

Size – Lift chairs are available in various sizes, before purchasing it becomes important to ensure that the width height of a lift chair is appropriate for your height and weight. Before purchasing, you should measure the space you’re planning to put the chair so it can fit properly on that place.

Fabrics and colours – Lift chairs are designed and styled with different kind of fabrics and materials so it can provide extreme comfort to the users and are available in many different colours. So you can pick of your colour choice.

Benefits of Lift Chair

  1. Medical lift chairs helps seniors and individuals who are suffering from any mobility problem to maintain their independence.
  2. Lift chairs reduce the risk of falls and medical intervention as it helps the user to sit and stand safely and comfortably.
  3. Lift chair helps in reducing pressure in the legs and improve circulation which is good for heart and health.
  4. Lift chairs can also help in reducing anxiety, tension of a user.
  5. These lift chairs are very easy to use as it has remote and button which make the chair more convenient and easier to use.
  6. These lift chairs can be used by seniors in many positions – lifted, seated, reading, mapping, relaxing and sleeping.


I hope so this article is helpful for you, and you got the detailed guide to medical lift chairs and considering above factors might help you to find a lift chair of your specific needs. Lift chairs/recliners might be sound like a luxury, but for many people who are suffering from mobility problem it is a necessity.

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