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After more than a year in lockdown and the mass vaccination, admit it, it’s time to start traveling again. With the decreased demand for flights, airlines are raising up their prices to accommodate new health regulations to keep their passengers safe; empty middle lanes, fewer passengers, and empty seats are making traveling by air more expensive.

Do not let air tickets take away your vacation plan, as there are ways to save money on your next flight; here’s how:

Do not fall for the myths

There isn’t a special formula to get cheaper tickets, and you’ve probably come across one of these lies before. So do not let it limit your search criteria things like:

  • Websites predicting prices based on educated guesses don’t work
  • No one has been able to prove that searching incognito gets you cheaper deals
  • There is no specific day to get a cheaper ticket

Airlines use their computers and pricing algorithms to come up with prices and sales based on a number of different factors. Time of the year, customer demands, demand, weather, international events, other airlines’ prices, the price of fuel, time of the say, pandemic updates, and currency inflations are all taken into consideration when determining the price of their flights.

This being said, be wary of those who advertise fake myths.

Use Budget Airline

Budget airlines have become more popular in recent years; they now offer all types of different services. You can basically fly anywhere around the world on a budget airline. All you have to do is look up your destination and go for the airlines that serve that region.

Tickets can be as low as $10, there are tons of insanely cheap tickets that do lack the comfort and different features like checked baggage, but all those are a small compromise to a great deal.

Flexible Dates & Time

Airline tickets prices jump around depending on the day of the week, dates, and holidays. So if you are planning to go to the most popular destination, your ticket is likely to cost more. Airlines know when there are major events coming up and plan their prices according to them.

Avoid weekends as more people travel during that time frame and choose early or late flights; those are the ones people typically avoid.

Be flexible with your plans and plan ahead and go for the dates and time with less airline traffic, and that’s bound to save you money.

Use a VPN

You might be wondering how this made the list, but this could potentially save you a few hundred dollars.

A VPN allows you to change your IP address and your geolocation. You can pretend to be anywhere in the world, which is beneficial because airlines change their rates depending on the location. So a person buying a ticket from central America could find a different rate than getting a ticket from Europe. It all depends on the algorithm, so you can play around with the website till you find the cheapest option.

If you are constantly looking up the same destination, you’re probably being tracked by your browser as it will share information with the search service. It gives them info that you are a customer looking for a lower price, so they will gradually increase the prices to make it seem like you are missing out and forces you to buy the ticket. AVG VPN and Namecheap VPN are both great examples of services you can use to hide your tracks and grab the best deals.

Wishing you a safe flight!

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