Career Options Available In Medical Field Other Than Doctors And Nurses

Do you want to contribute to the healthcare system but don’t want to spend years on training and education?

Perhaps you love the life sciences, but do not want to be a doctor? Is there some other course you could do then?

Most people are unaware that besides being a doctor or a nurse, there are numerous other career scopes in the medical field. If you don’t want to come in direct contact with the patients but still achieve your dream of becoming a medical professional, this article is an answer to all your prayers. Besides, did you know that you can do courses like the medical receptionist course online in the comfort of your home?

Take the first step and keep reading the article to realise your aim!

Medical Receptionist

A medical receptionist is a person who is responsible for administering the day-to-day activities at a medical facility. They are responsible for the smooth working of a healthcare unit. Following are a few of the main tasks that a medical receptionist performs-

  • Scheduling and managing the doctor’s appointments
  • Adhering to rules and regulations at all times
  • Communicating medical reports to the patients
  • Greeting patients and guests and taking care of their concerns
  • Billing and payment processing
  • Cleansing and disinfection of equipment
  • Managing stationery and medical supplies inventory

The medical receptionist job requires a minimum of high-school graduation and a certificate of medical receptionist course completion. If you are interested in this job, opt for a medical receptionist course online.

Medical Transcriptionist

Healthcare workers find transcribing their notes to be very time-consuming. Therefore, a medical transcriptionist does the job of converting audios into written files. These notes cover a wide array of topics ranging from medical summaries to surgery notes.

These are some of the job responsibilities of a medical transcriptionist-

  • Listening carefully to the recorded audios
  • Using specialised transcription tools
  • Having a solid awareness of medical jargon and shorthand
  • Performing accurate and rapid transcription and editing thoroughly
  • Timely submission of transcriptions to medical workers for their approval
  • Identifying and correcting errors made by healthcare workers, if any.
  • Safeguarding the privacy of patients

The minimum qualification for attaining this career is a one-year certification or a two-year associate degree.

Patient Account Representative

Patient account representatives are appointed in healthcare facilities to take care of all aspects of billing and health insurance claims. Below mentioned are some of the job roles of a patient account representative-

  • Keeping track of patients’ treatments and diagnoses
  • Maintaining the latest records of payment and health insurance
  • Identifying and rectifying discrepancies arising in payments
  • Verifying eligibility of a patient to health insurance
  • Addressing patient’s queries pertaining to fees and refunds
  • Notifying patients of their outstanding balances with the healthcare facility

To become a patient account representative, the minimum qualification of high-school graduation and experience in the medical billing sector is required.

Bottom Line

There are numerous medical field jobs that do not require years of education, hefty fees, and hours of study. Studies show that healthcare continues to be one of the top job-providing careers for Australians. If you want to serve for the betterment of the healthcare systems, you can go for the jobs mentioned above.

Remember, it is always viable for ordinary people to become extraordinary!

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