Counselling Vancouver: 4 Benefits Of Talk Therapy For Mental Wellness

From Sigmund Freud to Josef Breuer, the goal talk therapy, which is also sometimes called psychotherapy or counselling, has always been to guide patients to mental wellness. Now, one may argue that there’s no need to go to a psychotherapist to ail any mental problems they encounter since medications would already suffice.

However, some would say that talk therapy may be more effective when it comes to handling any mental dilemmas the patient may have. In fact, TADS (Tavistock Adult Depression Study) provides evidence regarding the long-term efficacy of psychotherapy when it comes to chronic depression.

The said study compared patients who are undergoing talk therapy to those who are on antidepressants. Interestingly, 44% of patients receiving talk therapy, within the span of a year and a half, no longer experience any depressive disorder. On the other hand, those who received medications only provided a figure of 10%.

Benefits of talk therapy

One can say that the particular study conducted by TADS is only applicable to chronic depression. However, this article will list down some benefits you can gain when you resort to the best counselling Vancouver has to offer.

1. Boost end-of-life care

As supported by a 2011 study, dignity therapy, which is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on the patient’s accomplishments, helped improved the quality of life for people who are receiving end-of-life care.

In the said study, close to five hundred patients who received dignity therapy attest that the therapy was helpful to them as it improved their quality of life. This is because the patient’s family members saw and appreciate their life. Additionally, these patients were also reported to have an increased sense of dignity.

In this particular type of therapy, a reliable therapist makes conversation with the patient to exude some important aspects or events in the latter’s life. This is done so that, after they passed, a therapist would know how the patient would like to be remembered. This is also the reason their conversation is going to be transcribed, which is then given to the patient. After receiving the transcription, the patient will have the decision if they want to share their accomplishments with their family and friends.

2. Treat physical symptoms

Just because talk therapy’s goal is to help patients arrived at mental clarity, it doesn’t mean that it’ll solely focus on their mental health, completely foregoing any physical symptoms, like stomach aches, ulcers, headaches, and lack of sleep, they’re experiencing. However, there’s actually a close connection between your mental and physical health.

For instance, according to Marian Margulies, who’s a psychologist in NYC and also a candidate for psychoanalysis at NYU Medical center, both anxiety and depression are notorious for having physical effects. These physical symptoms are the body’s way of reacting to psychological pain. Thus, when you access services from top therapists, whether physical or online counselling Vancouver, you can expect that these physical issues may improve, too.

3. Allow peaceful sleep

It has been reported that about one in five American adults experience insomnia. Fortunately, this mental problem can be addressed by therapy, too. In fact, a piece of research concluded that even short-term talk therapy, either done in-person or online, helped improved people’s sleep.

Additionally, Robert Rosenberg, who’s a regular writer in Everyday Column, says that people who have chronic insomnia have behaviors that prohibit them from sleeping. But, he adds, talk therapy can reverse these behaviors, helping the patient restructure their attitude towards sleep. As a result, talk therapy, especially if it’s paired with medication, is often successful when it comes to addressing insomnia.

4. Manage stress

Working an 8-5 job will have negative consequences on one’s well-being, like bringing in stress. That being said, someone experiencing job-related problems, especially those that already affect your mental wellness, should definitely consider talk therapy.

For one, researchers in the U.K have found that two weeks of therapy has increased a worker’s self-esteem, as well as allow them to appreciate their jobs. As a result, their productivity has increased up to 65%.

Final words

With all the focus surrounding physical wellness nowadays, it’s equally important to also pay attention to our mental wellness. In fact, there’s significant evidence showing that mental wellness can impact one’s physical health.

Surely, there are medications available to help with many mental struggles one is going through, like depression in elderly people. But, as more and more studies show, talk therapy may be a better alternative. This is especially true since the latter may not give the patients any unwanted side effects.

So if you’re struggling with your mental health, don’t hesitate to call a mental health professional.

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