Do Not Fall For These Common Myths About Social Security Insurance.

You must have given thought to getting Social Security Insurance for yourself. But you are confused and worried due to the misconceptions that you have. The Social Security Administration has listed down several benefits you can get if the process is proper and up-to-mark. 

Undoubtedly,  the process of applying for Social Security Insurance is complicated and requires patience. To ensure that your process is well handled, you must consult with a Rogers social security disability attorney. Attorneys are well versed in the process of registering for Social Security Insurance and have been through the process a couple of times.

Here we will debunk some of the people’s most common myths before applying for Social Security Insurance.

1. You will get denied when you apply for the first time.

This myth is not true, as the Social Security Administration will go through all the necessary checks and protocols and then come down to a decision. However, their acceptance is too low, as they prioritize people that have truly suffered and are unable to work. To ensure that you get your social security insurance in one shot, you must collect all the medical documents along with reports and submit them to the Social Security Administration.

2. You must be disabled for over a year to apply for Social Security Insurance.

This myth is around the town because of the technical definition of disability stated by the SSA. To make it clear, this means that if you have a condition that has not lasted for a year and is preventing you from going to work and the doctors expect this stay longer than a year, then you must file for Social Security Insurance.

3. A statement from your doctor will get your application approved.

This is a false statement; in no way would SSA be taking a statement given by a doctor stating that you are liable for all the benefits. SSA would only take your medical history, reports, and condition into account to decide your chance of approval. However, some other certificates and documents might help you. But your medical condition will trump everything else.

People have several other myths at the back of their heads. Most of them are not true and are irrelevant by all means. So, you must consult a social security disability attorney and get your facts straight. Additionally, your social security disability attorney will also help you register your application, and you will not have to do anything except for collecting your documents.

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