Five Steps to Help Give up Smoking

A lot of people are looking for ways to give up smoking so that it goes as smoothly as possible and you stick with it. A common problem among smokers is that they have tried before and failed, often several times. Whether you are a casual smoker or a heavy smoker, giving it up is hard. There was a time when smoking was seen as harmless and ‘cool’. But today we know better. Smoking is seriously bad for your health and you are also impacting the health of people around you. Despite that knowledge, people often relapse when they do quit. Here is a look at what you can do to improve your odds!

Five steps that will improve your chances of success

  1. Create a home that is smoke-free – Having smokers in the house or letting people smoke when they visit is creating a temptation for you. At a later date, you may be able to handle that, but during the early stages, it is best to remove the temptation when you are still vulnerable. Do what you can to not be around for a while. If you are in a social setting where people are smoking and they are not stepping away to smoke outside, you step outside or choose where and when you socialise with them so there is less chance of smoking around you.
  2. Get rid of all your smoking items – As well as chucking out any remaining cigarettes, also remove the other items, ashtrays, lighters, matches, cases and such. If you are using e-cigarettes to quit, visit a vape shop and get what you need.
  3. Have something planned for when the cravings arrive – There are certain times when you might crave a cigarette more, so be ready for that. You could go to a gym, go for a walk or do some other activities to help take your mind off it.
  4. Keep healthy snacks to hand – One of the problems some people have is that when they quit smoking they replace it with junk food and then gain weight. Have healthy snacks ready to turn to rather than junk. Sunflower seeds, nuts, fruit, sugar-free gum, crudities and so on. If the habit of moving something to your mouth is hard to ignore try electronic cigarettes from a vape shop, they almost mimic the same actions.
  5. Put the money you are saving away – Each week out what you would have spent on cigarettes away in a container. You can use some of that to buy your support methods for quitting but the rest is yours to treat yourself and reward your efforts.


With these steps, you can have better success in quitting but you do still need willpower and determination. It is not going to be easy but it is not going to last forever. In the end, you will be happy you found a way. If choosing to use electronic cigarettes it may take some time to find a device you like but with the large selection available you’re sure to find a good fit. Check out places like your local vaporium shop like Shosha to see what options you have

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