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Healthy diet and safe food in balance

Many people and organizations make choices with regard to food, based on their own perspectives, in which health and safety play a role: consumers, food producers, the catering industry, organizations which produce the guidelines for a healthy diet, and the government which must make decisions on the collective efforts to be directed towards the promotion of a healthy diet and the improvement of food safety.

Sometimes those decisions will relate to a single ingredient, food or product, while on other occasions they will relate to entire groups or batches of products. Interests other than those of health alone are also part of these decision making processes. This report addresses the positive and negative effects on public health.

For this purpose, it uses three questions to bring these aspects into balance. The annual gains to be made by following the consumption levels currently recommended (the maximum scenario) vary from approximately 1,000 to 2,400 DALYs (breastfeeding) to almost 100,000 DALYs (fish, fruit). Compared to these figures, the risks attributable to known contaminants, insofar as they are quantifiable, are usually some 100 times lower.

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Some tips and tricks

In some cases the risks are even negligible. This does not mean that no further consideration needs to be given to contaminants. Rather, it highlights the success of the system of standardization and control that has been developed in recent decades, as well as the necessity of ensuring that this system continues to adapt to new scientific insights and developments in both food supply and food consumption.

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Final words

The recommended diet will include all necessary nutrients. In recent years, however, a number of products have emerged for which the manufacturers make certain health claims. These are the so-called functional foods and dietary supplements. Research into any positive or negative health effects associated with these products is still in its early stages. Because legislation is, as yet, inadequate (although it is developing rapidly) consumers can easily be misled by extravagant advertising claims.

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