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There are many ways to slow down the aging of the skin. It depends on many factors, whether it’s internal matters. or external matters of the skin And skin has many characteristics, such as sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย and the question that many people wonder and want to know the most, right? Because in this era, no matter which direction you turn, you will often encounter people around you who suffer from many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, paralysis, paralysis, including cancer. But where did these diseases come from?

Even if it’s a difficult question to answer. But it is inevitable that the main cause Both factors from the environment around us such as pollution, toxic contaminants in the air, water, food, as well as internal factors that vary from person to person.

If asked further What is the biggest cause of the problem? health in this era The answer that everyone would say in the same voice is our lifestyle or healthy behavior.

Faster, more convenient = more dangerous

Today, it cannot be denied that daily life of We have changed a lot. especially the city people who live each day It is necessary to be in a hurry most of the time. Whether it’s about studying, working, etc., until the city people or even neglecting ourselves. Many good health behaviors, whether it’s about food that needs to focus on convenience and

fast causing us to overlook the benefits and value nutrition by default Lack of exercise, we have less time to exercise. Due to unfavorable time, fatigue from work plus the working lives of many people in Now, most of them sit at their desks. I rarely get up and walk anywhere. Wherever you go each day, etc.

All of these things are important as it is a risk factor for various diseases easily. This sedentary lifestyle is known as the “Sedentary Lifestyle” or “unfrequent lifestyle. Move your body a lot.”

Dr Lo asked to update the latest information from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2014, found that the Sedentary Lifestyle continues to be Long duration is an important risk factor for many diseases in non-communicable diseases. Chronic or NCDs (Non-communi cable Diseases) diseases in this group include: high blood pressure Cardiovascular disease, obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease chronic breathing and some cancers, etc.

Nowadays, not many people live a sedentary lifestyle.

This may include yourself. It is true that even though we may not be

(to the point of) suffering from various diseases But there are quite a few people who may have noticed that

I started to have various abnormal symptoms occurring in my body.

Let’s look at ourselves to see if we have symptoms.

or abnormal signal like this?

  • Having symptoms of tiredness and fatigue for a long time.
  • Easy to gain weight but difficult to lose weight.
  • belly fat
  • Insomnia or sleep but not completely.
  • Wake up not refreshed.
  • Not able to exercise.
  • no stamina
  • Skin looks dull.
  • look older than your age
  • There are many other ailments.

Many times we go for a health check. whether it is a health check

It’s good to go for an annual checkup when you feel unwell. Often found that the results of various tests are normal, whether it is from blood tests such as checking blood sugar levels, blood lipids, liver and kidney function, etc., as well as urine tests, X-rays of the lungs, or even electrocardiograms. Doctors also often said that there were no abnormalities, and these tests were unable to explain the symptoms or illness we had at the time. Because of these examinations, the abnormality is clearly detected only when the body has a pronounced abnormality or disease. such as blood sugar levels that are much higher than the level of diabetes diagnosis or abnormal ECG from heart disease, etc.

A very high blood sugar level exceeds the level of a diagnosis of diabetes. or abnormal ECG from heart disease, etc.

Eh! if like this and problems What exactly is the cause that we are experiencing?

You are what you do.

From our current knowledge of Anti-Aging Medicine, we find that if there are abnormalities in the body Whether there are free radicals (Free Radical) in excess. than the body’s ability to eliminate or have nutritional deficiencies such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals

or hormone fluctuations in the body malfunction or the amount has decreased from the original Or even more toxins and chemicals accumulate in the body, these are all important causes that cause the change. Can be converted from the cellular level to tissues, organs and various functions of the body.

Therefore, the above-mentioned physical abnormalities, such as fatigue, fatigue, insomnia, rapid weight gain, or other symptoms, are like a warning signal to let you know. Our bodies have begun to function abnormally. need to pay attention and correct it in a timely manner to prevent disease or prevent the deterioration of could happen in the near future.

This time, let’s explore our health behaviors that What kind of health behaviors cause aging, disease, which is the root cause? of the health problems we are facing right now.

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