How to Clean Your Bong Properly

Whether you’re only a beginner in the cannabis world or an experienced bong smoker, it’s essential to realize that regular maintenance of your water pipe is key for keeping your weed fresh and flavorful. Besides that, taking care of your bong also ensures the proper working order for your smoking tool.

Proper cleaning and maintenance will allow you to prolong your bong’s lifespan and even prevent it from breaking. So, here’s how to clean your bong:

When Is the Best Time to Clean Your Bong?

The best time to clean your bong is when you notice that the taste of your weed is diminishing. Additionally, if you start to see a lot of residue build-up on your bong parts, it’s probably time for a good cleaning.

It’s generally a good idea to clean your bong after every few uses. However, if you’re a heavy smoker, you may need to clean it more often.

Step 1: Disassemble Your Bong

The first step is to disassemble your bong and remove all of the parts. It includes taking out the bowl, downstem, and percolator (if your bong has one).

If you want to, you can pour isopropyl alcohol into the bong, add some coarse salt, and shake your piece for a minute or two before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Rinse All Parts With Hot Water

Once all parts are removed, rinse them all with hot water. Use hot water as it will help to loosen up any tough residue that may be stuck on your bong parts. You can add a drop of dish soap to make the process easier.

Step 3: Clean the Bowl & Downstem With Rubbing Alcohol

After rinsing all of the parts with hot water, it’s time to clean them with rubbing alcohol. Start by cleaning the bowl and downstem. You can use a cotton swab or pipe cleaner to really get in there and scrub away any residue.

Step 4: Clean the Percolator

If your bong has a percolator, you will need to take extra care when cleaning it as the small holes can easily get clogged. Start by rinsing the percolator with hot water and then use a small brush to clean the inside of the percolator.

After you’ve scrubbed the inside of the percolator, rinse it again with hot water.

Step 5: Rinse All Parts With Cold Water

After cleaning all of the parts with rubbing alcohol, you can rinse them off with cold water. Take some time so that all of the rubbing alcohol is removed.

Step 6: Reassemble Your Bong

Once all of the parts are clean, dry, and free of residue, it’s time to reassemble your bong. Put all of the parts back in their proper place so that your bong functions correctly.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Clean Bong!

Now that your bong is clean, it’s time to enjoy it! Pack a bowl and enjoy the fresh taste of your weed.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your bong is vital for maintaining the freshness of your weed and prolonging the lifespan of your smoking tool. Follow the steps outlined above in order to clean your bong properly. And, most importantly, have fun!

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