Is Getting Rid of Cable TV Worth it?

The TV industry is changing rapidly. Almost every other person has switched to streaming services to enjoy new content, special features, and for ease of watching. In the previous years, there has been a wave of cord-cutters, consumers who completely left their cable services behind and switched to streaming services.

But the question here is that is it necessary to get rid of cable TV? Is this new trend of cutting the cord really worth it? Is cutting down completely on cable TV the only solution we are left with? Well, we are going to give you all the reasons why you need to hold on to your cable TV service.

And if you’re one of those people who took an impulsive decision to cut the cord for the sake of following the trend, and now you miss your cable TV, it’s not too late. When I realized my mistake, I searched for cable companies near me to find the best cable TV provider available in my area and went right back to flipping channels. I suggest you do the same.

Now coming back to the reasons why you should stick to your cable TV service and why getting rid of them is not worth it, here is a list of all the reasons you should be thankful to your cable TV providers for:

1. No worrying about the internet outage

Imagine you are in the middle of streaming a suspense thriller and suddenly a loading sign appears on your screen. Not only has it killed all the suspense and excitement, but it has also left you with no clue why your internet connection is acting up. Isn’t it exhausting?

Too much dependency on the internet is actually very frustrating. This is why we love our cable TV. No drama, no connectivity issues, just pure entertainment. We don’t have to worry about slow internet speeds, insufficient bandwidth, too many connected devices, or any other issue that comes with streaming content using the internet.

Even if 10 TV are being watched in a house simultaneously, all the viewers will get to experience the same quality of connection and content.

2. Wide collection of channels

If you’re planning to cut on the cord for the sake of switching to streaming services, you must consider the fact that you won’t get as many channels as you’re getting with your cable TV on any single streaming service. If some streaming site lets you watch ABC then you might miss BBC America on it. Even if you go for the premium plan, the number of channels cannot beat what cable TV providers are offering currently.

You can enjoy up to 200+ channels with Spectrum Gold Package. With a channel lineup, this wide almost every member of the family is getting something to watch of their own choice. Some of the cable companies even allow you to choose channels you want to watch exclusively and design your plan according to your budget.

We don’t think streaming services offer this much flexibility yet!

3. Always have an option to bundle services

Who said that you necessarily have to cut the cord to access streaming services? You can keep your cable TV and enjoy streaming sites as well by bundling your internet and cable TV services together. Not only it’s a convenient way to go but it can surely help you save a lot on your cable TV bills too.

Almost all cable providers keeping in mind the need for internet and phone along with cable TV offer bundle packages at amazing prices and a lot of add-ons to make it fancy for their customers. The more services you add to your bundle, the less you have to pay for every service individually. Either way, it’s a winning situation.

4.Commercial breaks are healthy

You might have heard a lot of cord-cutters saying that they’ve switched to the streaming platform because it offers ad-free entertainment. We know ads and commercials can be a little annoying at times but it’s not completely bad after all. Continuously binge-watching for hours is not healthy for your health.

It can affect your wye-sight, disturb your posture and even develop unhealthy eating disorders in you. On the other hand, commercials and ad breaks on TV offer you some time to stretch take your eyes off television, do a little movement, and if not anything they are informative. You get to know a lot of new stuff happening with the help of advertisements and commercial breaks.

5. On-demand is there as an option

Cable companies understand this competition with streaming services and are trying to keep up with content demand from the viewers. They know that one of the major reasons for many people for switching to streaming services is to view the content of their own choice this is why they offer the option to watch hundreds of on-demand movies and shows with their TV plans.

Many cable companies have also come up with their own apps for instance Spectrum TV app and DirectTV app where you can stream content of your choice and access your DVR recording. This way you get the benefits of both streaming services as well as cable TV.

Final words

We know how tempting the whole idea of streaming services could look from afar but you don’t need to jump to cutting the cord for now at least. Getting rid of your cable TV is just not worth it. Cable companies are improving their services with every passing day so hold on to them, it might be one of the best decisions of your life.

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