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Jon Urbana: The person who brought the best steak on your plate

Jon Urbana is a famous name in Iowa, United States of America, for his great initiative. Food is not only about savoury and tastes. It is an art, and Jon Urbana promises to bring the best out for you. Wagyu beef is one of the finest beef varieties available nowadays. Japan is the home of wagyu beef. But, Japanese people were not very vocal about exporting the best product. Jon Urbana is a sixth-generation Iowa settler, and his family is famous for making international records. As a fact, Jon’s great grandfather was the first person to establish an import and export relationship with Japan. He arranged to send a Boeing 747 privately with a small herd of American cattle to start a traditional dairy farm. The exchange program was one of the most significant milestones that the Japanese king welcomed the herd on arrival In the airport. As a result, Japan was willing to send their most exclusive cuisine as a token of friendship. So, Jon Urbana’s family was the first to import and establish the first Wagyu beef and cows in America. Since then, this family has combined tradition and modern technology to keep improving the brand value. 

Jon Urbana’s Dream 

Wagyu beef is the best choice to make a tender and juicy steak. One cow of about fourteen hundred pounds can go over three to four thousand dollars alone. It might seem from the outside that having a farm is a jackpot. But, having a Wagyu farm is not easy, primarily when Jon Urbana does not support any GMO. The family prohibits genetically modified organisms and steroids from feeding the cows and sticks to the most natural process. It ensures the best beef quality with signature tenderness. In an exclusive interview, Jon Urbana reveals that his family farm also works for breeding and supplying to other farms in Iowa. But, since the beginning, Jon Urbana came a long way to establish as a business progression. Jon Urbana and his cousin set up the kowsteak restaurant to serve fresh wagyu beef directly after processing on the farm. Though the Urbana brothers are not the primary innovators of the farm-to-table cuisine style, it was their hit pick. Soon people from various states started to visit Iowa to taste the fresh wagyu steak. Farm fresh meat and the collaboration with the best chefs around the world gives Urbana’s business a new tag name.

Online services 

Once Jon Urbana made it big in the restaurant industry, he took a different path than others. Any restaurant as famous as Urbana’s will want to grow as a restaurant chain in the town. But, Urbana already made it clear that he is a man of vision who loves to combine tradition with modern tech. World-famous chefs make the special wagyu preparation in Urbana’s restaurant. Naturally, people would want to recreate the taste and texture at home. So, Jon Urbana developed to reach out to a bigger audience. Nowadays, Kowsteak is serving more customers online than offline. Covid lockdown and quarantine is a plus point for Jon Urbana and his business. But, Jon has an Instagram account on Kowsteak’s name to give you constant updates. You can follow him online or visit the farm personally to choose your beef for the week. Wagyu business is not accessible at all. According to Jon Urbana, the risk is not all about raw meat. Usually, most beef goes to the customer within hours of processing. The main problem arises from myths. Most people believe that the best beef comes only from the loin. Urbana is taking a zero percent waste method to reduce the risk here.

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