Medical Spa Treatments: What Are the Common Treatments Options?

Medical spa treatments, often known as medspa treatments, are beauty procedures that combine various medical operations typically carried out in a doctor’s office with a day spa experience. Nowadays, these treatments have become popular due to the benefits they offer.

Medical spas offer a wide range of treatment options that enhance your general physical appearance, boosting your self-esteem and psychological well-being. The treatment type you choose depends on your needs. 

Read on to understand the various medical spa treatment options.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a medical spa treatment type that aims to improve the appearance of the skin on your hands, neck, or face. During the treatment, your aesthetician applies a chemical solution to your skin to exfoliate it. After some time, the skin peels off, revealing a new smooth skin layer with fewer wrinkles.

The chemical solution you use for chemical peel treatment depends on your skin type or skin issues. You can choose a strong peeling solution that penetrates the deepest layers of your skin or just a mild one.


If you are worried about acne scars or the appearance of fine wrinkles, you should consider microneedling. Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin treatment procedure that uses thin needs to prick your skin and create tiny wounds. This procedure stimulates your skin’s healing process, generating more collagen and elastin. These proteins help your skin look smooth and firm, giving you a more youthful look.

Often, people get microneedling treatment on their faces. However, you can use this treatment on the legs, back, neck, or other body parts where you observe aging or damaged skin. To get the best results, you may require several sessions.


Neuromodulators are injectable procedures that involve injecting botulinum toxin into your body. This chemical temporarily relaxes the facial muscles that usually cause wrinkles and deep lines in the region around your eyes and forehead, giving you a fresh and relaxed appearance.

Besides reducing wrinkles, neuromodulators minimize the appearance of crow’s feet and lift the corners of your eyebrows and mouth. Some people also use this treatment to treat migraines and excessive sweating issues.

Laser Hair Removal

Certain body parts have a lot of hair, including the underarms, bikini area, upper lip, and back. A lot of hair around this region affects your physical appearance, and you may want to shave it. Unfortunately, the hair keeps growing back after a short while.

Regularly shaving the hairs in these regions can be time-consuming and frustrating. To avoid this hassle, consider laser hair removal. This procedure involves using advanced laser technology which targets hair follicles, stopping the hairs from growing permanently. It is less painful compared to other hair removal methods like tweezing or waxing and takes a shorter time.

Body Sculpting

Body sculpting is a non-surgical procedure that removes excess fats from your body within a few minutes. This medical spa treatment option is suitable for people who wish to target stubborn fat deposits.

Once you go for a body sculpting treatment, you need to avoid fatty and sugary foods. Otherwise, new fat cells will form to replace the ones killed off, and the results will not last long. 

You also need to exercise regularly to maintain the results.


Microdermabrasion involves using an abrasive instrument to gently remove the thick, uneven top layer of your skin to rejuvenate it. This procedure enhances your skin tone and overall texture. It also helps to reduce the appearance of sun damage, melasma, acne scars, and age spots. People with other skin issues like stretch marks, enlarged pores, and dull-looking complexion can also opt for this treatment.

There are different types of microdermabrasion treatments, including:

  • Diamond microdermabrasion
  • Crystal microdermabrasion
  • Hydradermabrasion
  • All these procedures produce similar results in the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a medical spa treatment safe?

Yes, medspa treatments are safe. This is because the experts who carry out these treatments undergo rigorous training. They also undergo continuous learning throughout their career to enhance their knowledge and learn new things in the industry.

Are body sculpting results permanent?

Technically, the results of body sculpting are permanent. However, for the results to remain permanent, you need to practice healthy eating habits and exercise regularly.

How do you take care of your face after microneedling?

After undergoing a microneedling procedure, you should take care of your face for better results and prevent further complications. One of the things you should do is wash it gently with a cleanser at least four hours after the procedure. Also, avoid touching your face with dirty hands or putting on makeup before your face completely heals.

How long do neuromodulators last?

Neuromodulators typically last three to four months. However, in some people, it can last for up to six months, especially first-timers.

Final Words

Medical spa treatments are the best solutions for people dealing with various body issues. They’ll improve your appearance after a short while, boosting your self-confidence and mental well-being. After undergoing any medical spa treatment, you need to take care of yourself to avoid infections and ensure the results last longer.

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