Online Betting Sites To Avoid

Since then, this site has been a reliable source of information, and we’ve compiled a list of scam online casinos and sports betting websites with dishonest withdrawal methods. They have slow customer service, bonus terms, unfair games, and other misleading practices.

Check out our most recent list of blocklisted casinos to see which ones you should avoid.


From the beginning, 105vig’s story is one of failure. This sportsbook initially displayed all the clear signs of fraud, yet it still managed to attract players to its website. 105Vig was determined to be operating illegally, possess user protection, and was ultimately exposed as a complete scam. On the 105VIG website, there are no customer service phone numbers or emails. They were also behind the times in terms of technology, as they didn’t use betting software and instead relied on a primary Html webpage.


21Kbet is a European betting service that has been in operation for less than a year and is already experiencing payout troubles. As with many scam sites, information on the companies that run these rogue online bookmakers is limited. Sportsbook Review started getting payout concerns about 21KBet in late December 2011. Bettors had requested Moneybooker withdrawals but had not received them within 21KBet’s 12-day deadline.


Bookmaker Review has reported many times from its very start. Bet1128 canceled wagers, thereby voiding winnings days after wagers rate as wins. After the match, Paradise and Bet1128 canceled these wagers, citing a discrepancy in the betting market and an incorrect line issued to select players. Slow-paying players were the most recent strategy in their inventory of methods to avoid paying winning bettors. There have been numerous reports of Paradise Bet canceling player accounts and taking cash without explanation.


Bet Islands is one of the worst online betting sportsbook scams in recent months. While many offshore sportsbooks abandoned the US market in 2007 due to UIGEA restrictions and laws, this website was one of the few sportsbooks to re-enter the market following the online gambling crackdown. Even though other players report being paid and their bonuses and odds are appealing, we always advise bettors to be cautious when visiting sportsbooks.


TopBet has a long history in the online betting market, and they’ve received a lot of bad reviews. They’re another example of why we advise bettors to avoid scam sportsbooks with red flags regarding ownership and other criteria. The online sportsbook and casino appear to be on the point of closing their doors.

Not even two weeks later, they filed a complaint from a player, and scams and difficulties started to appear. Then there was another complaint about TopBet. They had a reputation for deceptive practices, such as late and non-payments.

Tips To Avoid Scam Betting Sites

This advice may be dangerous to some operators with good intentions, but the length of service is important in the offshore industry. It’s much easier to trust a sportsbook like okbet site with years or months in the market than relying on one so that you avoid scams.

Unrealistic Bonus Offers: Another scam book technique offers unrealistic deposit and reloads bonuses. Some deposit bonuses that are too good to be true should be avoided.

Do your research before Betting – Before you make a deposit, always conduct your research on an online bookie. Before betting, use numerous sources, a few reviews, or bookmaker watchdog sites.


What are the most popular techniques employed by fraudulent bookmakers?

The most common ones are rejecting payments and failing to honor winning bets. Several gamers have also had their accounts canceled without warning or been defrauded after receiving a bonus or promotion.

How can I determine if a betting website is legal?

A scam bookmaker can identify in several ways. Broken websites, fake odds, lack of a gambling license, and improper Customer Support details are all reasons to avoid signing up with a sportsbook.

What should I do if I get scammed?

If you come into a fraudulent betting website, it will be hard to recover your funds. First, you should always contact Customer Service. The licensing authority can also receive complaints or post a review on the bookmaker’s bet comments page.

What to look for in terms of safety and security?

Before depositing, you should consider all sportsbook features, but if safety and security are your primary concerns, then strength and how fast payment is processed should be your top priorities. Sportsbooks that have been in business for a longer time are usually more reliable. Okbet is one of our preferred sportsbooks. You can enjoy a fast and secure gaming environment with high odds, winnings confirmation, quick payouts, and easy access to online betting.

What is the best sportsbook to wager on?

As mentioned above, okbet is the top betting site that you should trust. They are PAGCOR licensed to make sure your money is safe and secure.

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