Signs you need to see your Heart Doctor in Hougang for Unhealthy Heart

Heart diseases are reported to claim more lives than all known forms of cancer. Ideally, it is something you may honestly want to avoid or put under control if possible.

Now, heart disease is a broad term for conditions affecting the heart. The diseases, in this case, include heart infection, congenital heart defects, blood vessel diseases like coronary artery disease, heart muscle diseases, and heart rhythm complications, also known as arrhythmias.

If you suspect that you could be having heart disease, the best thing you can do is see a heart doctor. Hougang has some of the best heart doctors in Singapore, so it is somewhere you may want to consider for your treatments.

What are the Signs your Heart is quietly failing?

Just like with any ill-health condition, you can only know if your heart is failing from the symptoms you’re getting. If you report symptoms that may suggest that your heart is quietly failing, your heart doctor in Hougang may recommend multiple tests to confirm or rule out heart disease.

If you are diagnosed with heart disease, there are a couple of things your heart doctor may want you to do to stop your condition from worsening. For example, if you were smoking, you would need to stop smoking.

If you were living an inactive lifestyle, you would need to begin exercising and, of course, ensure that your weight is within the recommended ranges. Finally, if you struggle with stress, you will need to find better ways of keeping your stress levels low. Here are potential heart disease indicators you must not overlook.

●       Chest Discomfort

You probably already know this, but then it is still worth mentioning. You shouldn’t overlook any forms of chest discomfort, especially if they’re persistent.

Chances are there; your discomfort may be caused by a blocked artery or, even worse, indicate that you have a heart attack. Chest discomfort may come in the form of tightness in the chest, pain, or pressure.

You should contact your heart doctor in Hougang and get checked. If the heart discomfort symptoms are severe, it would help if you act fast and get emergency medical care.

●       Radiating Pain to your Arm

Heart attack is also known to cause discomfort that spreads down to the left side of your body. Ideally, this pain would begin from your chest and then spread outwards.

If you experience this symptom, a full medical assessment by your heart doctor in Hougang will help you know for sure if your heart is failing or not. It would also help if you see a cardiologist for assessment if you experience arm pains, as this may also be indicative of a heart attack.

●       Sudden Exhaustion and Fatigue

If you constantly find some physical activities more tiring, chances are there your heart is unhealthy. It may indicate that your heart isn’t pumping enough blood to the rest of your body.

This may be caused by a weakened heart function or clogging of the arteries. It is important that you see your heart doctor in Hougang as the sudden exhaustion and fatigue may also indicate an impending heart attack.

●       Reduced Sex Drive for Men

Some studies indicate that erectile dysfunction may indicate heart disease. This is because for you to have an erection, you will need enough blood to flow to the penis and make the blood vessels swell.

If you have an interrupted blood flow due to hardened or clogged arteries, you will find maintaining an erection difficult. Therefore if you find it difficult maintaining your erection, chances are it isn’t an entirely sexual issue. Check with your heart doctor for a full assessment.

●       Swollen Feet

If your limbs are increasingly getting puffy and swollen that they do not easily fit into your shoes, you could be struggling with fluid retention. This is another prime indicator of a weakening heart or heart disease.

If you have a weakened heart, its ability to pump blood will significantly reduce, implying that it will not effectively pump blood to your whole body. This explains best why blood would back up in the limbs making your feet swell.

●       Irregular Heart Beat

To begin with, irregular heartbeat is a type of disease on its own. This condition is known as arrhythmia, and even though not every case of arrhythmia is dangerous, there are those which are dangerous, implying that you should take the cases seriously.

There are different types of arrhythmia that you may want to be aware of. They manifest themselves in different ways and come with varied risks.

For example, if you have atrial fibrillation, your heart may begin beating faster than usual, averaging around 300 beats every minute. This condition increases your risk of stroke.

Your heart doctor can help you diagnose this condition and provide the best treatments to reduce the risks of stroke. Another type of arrhythmia that you may want to know about is ventricular fibrillation.

This condition causes electrical signals in your heart to be garbled, making your heartbeat very fast. Finally, premature ventricular contractions, which can be loosely translated to the heart ‘skipping beats’, is a condition your heart doctor in Hougang may also want you to be aware of. If you experience frequent premature ventricular contractions, you may have heart disease.

●       Snoring

If you are struggling with sleep apnoea, a disorder that causes blockage of your airways and stops the natural movement of muscles controlling your breathing, you have a higher risk of getting heart disease. This is because sleep apnoea stops your breathing several times at night.

This may cause oxygen levels in your blood to drop, implying that your heart disease and arrhythmia risks would also increase. There are effective therapies and even surgical procedures that can help you manage apnoea.

Therefore, it would help if you do not stay with this condition owing to the health risks that it poses to you. If you already have heart complications, you may need to work with your heart doctor in Hougang and other specialty doctors to fully manage this condition.

Do not Panic

If you experience symptoms which make you think that you could be having a heart attack or you are at risk of getting a heart attack, make an effort to see a board-certified cardiologist. They will look into your risk factors and examine your symptoms for a full diagnosis. Leave us your message today to schedule your appointment with us.

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