Teeth Whitening and All It Entails

Your teeth have a crucial role in your facial appearance, and your smile profoundly affects how people see you. This judgment can affect your self-confidence levels. It may not bother some people, but many people can be affected by their facial appearance. You need not worry, as many dental issues can be fixed to achieve your desired outcomes. Various dental problems have multiple solutions, with a typical treatment plan being East Village teeth whitening. Teeth whitening and multiple techniques for achieving it are discussed in detail below.

What is Teeth Whitening?

This involves lightening your teeth through various products and techniques to enhance the appearance of your smile. This process is suitable for people with teeth and gums that are healthy and do not have fillings. Yellow-toned teeth offer the best results. This technique is, however, not ideal for everyone.

Recently, systems for whitening your teeth have been developed, and they can be done at home using several products. A dentist’s opinion is preferable before you decide to get your teeth whitened. This is especially important if you have:

  •         Dental restorations
  •         Sensitive teeth
  •         Many fillings or crowns
  •         A single dark tooth or very dark stains

The level of peroxides in at-home whiteners determines the lightening effect. How much a product bothers your mouth will also determine the product used.

Some of these products include:

Over-the-counter whitening gels and strips

Whitening gels are colorless with peroxide ingredients put on the surface of your teeth directly with a tiny brush. The strength of the peroxide determines the instructions for use. Results begin to show within several days, with the final results lasting for three months.

The whole treatment plan can take up to two weeks, with the application twice daily. These products can be found in pharmacists or at your dentist’s office.

Whitening strips are transparent, slender substances coated with a whitening gel. Instructions for application come with the strip. Initial results occur in several days, and results last for four months.

Whitening toothpaste

Mild abrasives in toothpaste are used to eliminate surface stains in teeth. Some toothpaste can have chemical or polishing substances that improve stain removal. Whitening toothpaste does not have bleach and only eliminates surface stains. They can have peroxide-based ingredients to lighten your tooth’s color by at least one shade compared to products in your dentist’s office that lighten by five shades.

Tray-based tooth whiteners

These systems have a tray that looks like a mouth guard filled with a whitening mix with a peroxide bleaching substance. The tray is put on for several hours daily and the whole night for at least one month, depending on the degree of whitening desired. They can be tailor-made by a dentist or bought from local pharmacists.

If you have time, it is recommended for a dentist to perform teeth cleaning before you begin to apply the products. This will provide suitable results as the products can be used over time in the comfort of your home. Check our website out for any teeth whitening concerns, or call our offices in East Village, NY.

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