Things You Can Do To Benefit From FIFA 22 Before Its Coming

FIFA 22 is only two months away, if you were looking to pay a bit extra by getting the ultimate edition, the 10 hours early access or by hopping onto the web app when it is released whichever type of addition or extra stuff you’re looking to get with FIFA 22, it’s still not that far away and in the meantime there’s actually a few things that we can do to prepare whenever a new game is about to release, no matter the game company in most cases, there’s actually not too much that you can do.

You can make accounts on FIFA 21 to benefit from FIFA 22.

The first thing that you can do right now is make multiple accounts on FIFA 21 so that when FIFA 22 comes out, you can reap the benefits by having multiple accounts in FIFA 22. All of them giving you loyalty packs and all of them potentially giving you access to the web app. You don’t actually care about creating content but you can still do the exact same thing to benefit you by having more FIFA coins at the beginning of every single ultimate team.

There’s loads of different ways in which EA helps you get things started, you have different types of loyalty packs available, you have login bonuses on the web app, you have your different SBCs that you can go through some. If you do correctly will always give you profits such as the league and nation hybrid. If you do just have your one account you could do pretty well for cheap FIFA 22 coins. But if you take the time now to create multiple accounts and do all of this two times, three times, four times depending how many accounts you have. Get the loyalty packs, get the login bonuses, go through the SBC’s you’re very easily doubling tripling, quadrupling the amount of FUT coins you could potentially be making. If you really wanted to you can then move that all over to one account. The more FIFA coins you have at the beginning, the more players you can invest in and once FIFA is actually officially released, that’s when players will go up in price and you can make even more FIFA 22 coins.

If you start ultimate team correctly, you can actually set yourself up for the whole year. It just becomes a domino effect because now you have even more FUT 22 coins at the start means that you can build a better team and have a better chance within competitive game modes such as Division Rivals or FUT Champions and then that follows by giving you even bigger and better rewards.

Another way that you can prepare is for the FIFA point transfer.

As things currently stand, EA haven’t confirmed this as of yet but they do normally confirm it sometime August or in September and they have confirmed it every single year previous to this. But you’re able to put FIFA points onto the current FIFA and you’re allowed a one-time transfer to the next FIFA that has just been released. So in this situation you should be able to stack up on as many FIFA points as you want in FIFA 21 and to come FIFA 22 when you actually get onto the game, you’ll get a notification that pops up asking you if you want to transfer all your FIFA points from FIFA 21 all the way to FIFA 22. This is where you’ll say yes and then everything gets moved across for most players. There’s actually no benefit into this unless you’re a player such as a content creator a pro player looking to go and compete within Esports or you’re someone that is a big fanatic of ultimate team and you always want to get the biggest and best players. There is a way for you to get ultimate team early but there is a limited amount of game time that you’re allowed to have.

The FIFA point transfer actually benefits players in this area is because if you do have a limited amount of time on the next FIFA and you can get it early, you do not want to be wasting your time, trying to load up on thousands and hundreds of thousands of FIFA points. It’s better to do it all now on FIFA 21 and then have just a couple seconds where you agree to a FIFA point transfer and then the rest of the time can be spent playing the game, opening packs and doing whatever. This is more about efficiency for those of you who like to put a lot of money & coins FIFA 22 into ultimate team to further benefit from this.

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