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Things You Should do After Sex

After having pleasureful sex, one may feel sleepy or tired. You just wanna cuddle with your partner and get yourself lost in a deep, soft slumber. But that may not be good for your health. After having sex, you need to follow a routine to keep yourself clean. If you do not follow it, the chances for infections and other complications may arise. In this article, we will discuss what you should do after sex so that your body remains healthy. If you have any problem during sex, you should consult with the best sexologist in Karachi.

Urinate Soon after Sex

Just after sex, you must go to the bathroom and urinate. It is because sex increases the chances of a urinary tract infection many folds. When you have sex, the penis may push the bacteria upwards towards your bladder, which can result in infection.

Therefore when you urinate soon, the chances of infection are reduced as the bacteria are flushed out. To make it easier to pee after sex, you can drink a glass or two of water before sex. In this way, you would not have any difficulty in urinating after it.

Wash Up

If a shower or bath is not an option for your right after sex, washing should be. Make sure that you wash your genitals properly, right after sex. There may be many things near your genitals that can lead to urinary tract infections. Gently warm the region with warm water. However, avoid using soap or a detergent as it may cause irritation. You should not wash the inside of your genitals. Instead, wash the area around it. Men with foreskin should push it back and wash it thoroughly.

Do not douche

Women often misconstrue douching as a hygiene tool. But this is not the case. Therefore you should avoid douching after sex. Women often think that douching helps balance the pH of the vagina. But, you should try to keep it as natural as you can. Your body will balance the pH of the vagina on its own. There may be a mild smell from your vagina post-sex, but that is normal.

Wear loose clothing

Tight clothing can retain sweat, dirt, and moisture, which can, in turn, serve as a place for bacterial and fungal growth. Therefore to avoid it, you should wear loose clothing after sex. Wearing cotton undies is a good option, for both men and women as it lets air pass through. Skipping wearing underwear when you go to bed is also not a bad option.

Wash your Hands

During sex, you may pick up bacteria by touching the genitals of your partner. Therefore right after sex, you should wash your hands with soap and ask your partner to do so. Make it a routine for your post-sex cleanup.

Be open with Your Partner

If during sex, anything hurts you or makes you uncomfortable, you should tell your partner about it. You must have an open, clear, and gentle conversation with them. Make sure you do not make them feel bad. But address the thing that bothers you.


Many people feel tired after sex and do not follow a proper routine after it. But you should not do that. If you leave yourself unclean and unwashed after sex, there are fair chances of getting an infection. Therefore you must follow a post-sex clean-up routine to have a healthy you and happy genitals. If you have any complaints related to sex, you can visit the best sexologist in Islamabad.

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