What You Should Know About Interventional Psychiatry

Interventional psychiatry is a therapy for hard-to-cure mental health diseases that blends medication and brain stimulation. At Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions, the psychiatrists have extensive training and experience in caring for individuals with treatment-resistant mental illnesses. Dr. Karen Giles specializes in innovative Sandy Springs interventional psychiatry techniques to relieve patients who haven’t responded to conventional therapies. Check out this post to learn all you should know about interventional psychiatry care.

What Is Interventional Psychiatry?

Interventional psychiatry procedures deliver magnetic or tiny electrical pulses to excite neurons in regions of the brain that regulate depression, mood, and other concerns.

Typically, psychotherapy, counseling, and drugs are the first steps in conventional treatment for mental health illnesses. Although these treatments are usually effective, there are always exceptions, such as those with severe symptoms or who cannot tolerate specific drugs. The interventional psychiatric treatments at Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions provide patients with reliable, long-lasting help.

What Condition Does Interventional Psychiatry Treat?

Interventional psychiatry provides noninvasive brain stimulation techniques and medications to address difficult-to-treat mental health conditions, including:

  •         Serious mania associated with bipolar disorder
  •         Treatment-resistant or serious depression
  •         Serious mental health concerns characterized by psychotic disorders, including short psychotic illness, schizophreniform disease, and schizophrenia
  •         Autism-related catatonia (strange motions, self-injurious conduct, lack of reaction, and stiffness)

Who Should Consider Interventional Psychiatry?

In case of any of the following, you should consider interventional psychiatry:

  •         Have attempted two or more drugs for a mental health issue, yet symptoms persisted or worsened
  •         Had past success with brain stimulation therapy before
  •         Pregnant women who cannot take drugs or who cannot endure adverse drug effects
  •         You are suffering acute or life-threatening symptoms, including intense suicidal ideation

What Are The Benefits Of International Psychiatry?

Many treatment techniques allow psychiatrists to be more conservative when prescribing psychotropic drugs. For instance, an individual with severe depressive symptoms might consult a typical psychiatrist who employs solely psychotropic drugs. Often, their prescription will include an antidepressant, a sleeping aid, and an appropriate anxiety drug such as alprazolam and clonazepam.

Additionally, such individuals might be referred to a therapist for psychotherapy. These 15- to 20-minute follow-up visits with the psychiatrist every 2 to 6 weeks are used to fine-tune the current drug routine. If necessary, your doctor will suggest higher or stronger doses.

Contrarily, the same patient will have a different experience if they visit an interventional psychiatrist. Interventional psychiatry still involves the use of antidepressants, and possibly sleeping medication and anxiety. However, your doctor can explore various therapy options, including TMS therapy and innovative ketamine infusions.

The patient’s current health status will determine the course of treatment. For example, if a patient isn’t having success with TMS, or medication, they can result in ketamine instead. Immediately following the start of the appropriate interventional psychiatric care, patients often realize symptom relief faster than when using solely psychiatric medications.

Once your psychiatrist observes that interventional psychiatric therapies improve symptoms faster, they become less aggressive with drugs. Therefore, patients are less likely to experience the negative side effects linked to greater medication dosages, which ultimately improves the patient’s prognosis.

Interventional psychiatry at Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions might be the solution for patients with chronic depression or other mental health issues that don’t improve with medication or counseling. Your doctor will take the time to understand your concerns and suggest the most appropriate treatment regimen for you. Call the Sandy Springs, GA office or book an appointment online today.

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