Why you should opt for hair restoration

Dense hair with luster indicates youthfulness and vitality, and hair loss might bring the perception of aging. Although you would embrace aging and its effects, hair restoration Pasadena might reduce the years added to your age by the lost hair. Different restoration practices will increase the density of the hair. You could opt for the medication for surgical restorations, but platelet-rich plasma treatments might be ideal. The treatment will encourage natural hair growth as it heals the hair follicles leading to the growth of new hair shafts. These are the benefits of PRP hair loss treatment.

PRP Is an Effective Hair Restoration Treatment

PRP hair restoration prevents hair thinning, restores the follicles, and improves the density of the hair. It deals with the social and professional concerns which come with hair loss and, thus, is the best approach to stimulating hair growth. PRP therapy uses the platelets harvested from your blood and thus leads to quick and pain-free healing. The pure-form platelet cells harvested from your blood would be injected directly into the balding spots, thus not having extreme side effects compared to surgical treatments. PRP will restore the vellus, intermediate and terminal hair, increasing hair density on your beard and eyebrows.

It Does Not Have Any Side Effects

PRP treatments do not have side effects as they use the platelets extracted from your blood. Your immune system is least likely to reject your proteins as they see them as part of the body’s cells. Thus the treatment may not result in any drastic reaction, but you would have soreness at the injection site. However, the treatment may not be ideal if you have skin cancer or health conditions associated with the thyroid glands.

It Results In a Natural-Looking Hairline

The PRP treatment results in a natural-looking hairline as it restores the existing hair follicles that could have become inactive due to baldness and alopecia. PRP restores the fine, short, light-colored, intermediate hair and the long, coarse, and pigmented hair. It leads to effective growth followed by regression, and the resting phase marks the restoration process. After the resting phase, the hair will start growing again, resulting in a full head of dense hair.

Why Do People Lose Hair?

People may lose hair due to illnesses such as lupus, and hair loss might occur due to alopecia and baldness. Women might experience thinning as they age due to the effects of menopause, while men may experience balding due to androgenic alopecia. Additionally, you may lose hair due to stress chemotherapy treatments, immune alterations, low iron levels, and hormonal changes. You may see a dermatologist to diagnose the underlying cause of hair loss and find the appropriate treatment.

Hair loss impacts your confidence as it is associated with gaining and loss of vitality. However, you can opt for restoration procedures such as PRP. PRP treatments for hair loss use the platelets drawn from your blood and have no side effects. It leads to effective hair restoration by treating the affected hair follicles and producing high-quality hair shafts. The treatment leads to a natural-looking hairline and restoration as it activates the existing hair follicles. However, you would wish to avoid hair restoration treatment if you have thyroid-related health conditions or skin cancer.

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