10 tips for enjoying a good massage  

A massage is always a moment for yourself, which you want to remember and take full advantage of. Before you go there, here are 10 tips to keep in mind to savor this moment to the fullest.

  1. Always take the time to state what you want

The wellness massage therapist will ask you some questions before the massage, in order to personalize it according to your expectations and desires. Do not hesitate to tell him as much as possible. “I like when the massage is well supported”, and “I don’t like people talking to me during the massage”. Now is your time!

  1. Make yourself as comfortable as possible before getting on the table

To remove any jewelry or object that may bother you during the session. You can also tie your hair up and don’t forget to go to the bathroom (it’s always embarrassing to want to in the middle of a session).

  1. Relax as much as possible and savor the moment

There’s nothing like letting go, in expert hands, and thinking of nothing but yourself. That’s good, you’re getting a 마사. Enjoy!

  1. Don’t hesitate to say if something is wrong

The practitioner remains at your disposal throughout the session and really wants you to have a good time. So at the slightest pain or if you start to feel cold, let him know right away. He will thus be able to rectify what is wrong, and you, return serenely to the land of relaxation.

  1. Enjoy the massage all the way

Once the treatment is over, there is no need to stress yourself out and leave the table in a hurry. Your muscles (and your head as well) are put to sleep by the movements they have received. So take the time to come back to yourself and get up slowly, without forcing, to give your body time to wake up.

  1. Prolong the effect of the products used

Massages are generally practiced with vegetable and essential oils, chosen according to you and necessary for your body. For their effects to last, you can leave them on your skin after the massage and take your shower only in the evening. Your skin can thus be deeply nourished.

  1. Do not plan anything after a session

There is nothing more pleasant than knowing that after a good session, the only thing to do is to go home, make yourself a good tea and continue to gently enjoy the calm that invades you. So when you schedule a session, keep in mind to lighten your schedule as much as possible.

  1. Drink a lot after the session

When the body is massaged, the blood and lymphatic circulation are revived and run through your body to eliminate waste from it. To help it, it is best to drink well (no alcohol, I mean) during the few hours following the session.

  1. No sudden movements in the days that follow

The massage will allow your body to release the daily tensions. The muscles thus rested will be a little weakened for a few days before they get used to their new position (that of being relaxed). Exit therefore the removals or the 10 km marathons (it still leaves you the margin).

  1. Wait at least 15 days before starting again

As a practitioner, I find that one massage per month (of comfort) is more than enough. Unless instructed by your therapist, starting over too soon would be useless. Go easy on the sessions and above all, enjoy every moment!

How to perform the perfect massage?

Known for their relaxing virtues, but also for their action against back pain or cellulite, and whether performed by professionals or not, massages are acclaimed by the Europe.

Still, massaging a friend or partner still requires some know-how and a good knowledge of the techniques, as well as the most sensitive areas of the body. Guest Monday of Without appointment, on Europe 1, the masseur-physiotherapist and osteopath Nicolas Bertrand, author of  The Encyclopedia of 마사, gives us his advice for the best success.

When should we massage?

For a relaxing massage, Nicolas Bertrand advises practicing it rather at the end of the day, “when you have accumulated a lot of stress and tension”. But the massage can also be done before a sports activity to tone the body. “The message is an indication of what is going to happen,” explains the masseur-physiotherapist. “If you do an invigorating massage, you encourage your body to wake up. If you give a slow massage, you will enter a phase of relaxation, relaxation.”


In what environment?

For a good massage, it is important to “prepare the environment” around you, recalls Nicolas Bertrand, who advises to calm down, as well as to “unplug your phone”. The massage should be done on the ground, for example on a yoga mat or a mattress. “You can elevate the legs a bit” of the person you are massaging, as well as position their head on “a towel rolled up in a horseshoe,” the masseur says, adding only candles for ambiance, as well as a little heating, can promote a good massage savefromnet.

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