3 Benefits Of Foot Reflexology Singapore Sessions

Going to a foot reflexology Singapore session is an effective method to get rid of a headache. Whether a headache is sinus associated, caused by stress in the neck and shoulders or it’s in your temple or the front or rear of your head; massaging various areas on your foot can properly soothe you of these pains. Yet headaches are not the only relief provided by foot massages, here are 3 other health benefits.

Kiss headaches goodbye

As a result of sinusitis: Strongly massage the front and rear of the 2nd joint down on each toe. A squeeze and release technique works best. Do it for both feet.

Because of shoulder and neck stress: Massage carefully around your feet. After that massage the area between your thumb and the first finger in a circular motion. Also, massage the area immediately below the little toe.

At the temple: Squeeze and let go the location inside your huge toe several times. Rub the left foot if you have a headache on the left side and the right foot if it is on the right side.

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On top, front or rear: Massage the outside base of your large toe on both your feet and after that the front and rear of each toe using the squeeze and release technique.

Get a good night’s sleep

Every person loves obtaining a good night of sleep. A cozy bathroom is a great method to achieve that. Try coupling it with a foot massage and we can ensure that you will rest like an infant. For the very best results, try pressing the apex of the foot inward and look for a dimpled space. Massage this spot for 2 minutes.

Reduces PMS and Menopause Signs And Symptoms.

Lots of females suffer from symptoms like feelings of sadness, irritability, sleeping disorders, bloating, tiredness, headaches and mood swings during premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

These can be treated with day-to-day foot massage. Also symptoms of menopause like heated flashes and depression can be properly managed with regular foot massages.

To deal with PMS and menopause signs and symptoms, massage the Grandpa Grand son point. It is located on the internal foot, where the huge toe meets the foot.

Massage this acupressure point with any lukewarm massage oil and apply steady, strong pressure. Do it for a couple of minutes and afterwards massage the entire feet in addition to the legs.

Routine foot massage will surely show a decrease in heated flashes and improvement in sleep disturbances and mood adjustments.

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Restless Leg Disorder

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Foot massage is also helpful in treating restless leg disorder, a kind of neurological condition. Restless leg syndrome can trigger trouble sleeping as a result of the unpleasant feelings like pain, pulling and the urge to move your legs.

Massage your feet with lukewarm coconut oil to boost blood circulation, loosen up the nerves and assist you sleep at night.

  • Start by massaging the heels and ankle joints of your foot with the fleshy section of both your hands.
  • Then, massage in circular movements with mild yet firm strokes, moving upward from the ankles.
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