3 Reasons Why Physical Therapy Doesn’t Work 

Physical therapy is a non surgical approach to healing the body. Physical therapists are trained with a doctorate level education and use a variety of exercises, manual manipulation, massage, etc. Physical therapy has been around for quite a while but has become an increasingly preferred approach as the opioid epidemic has taken over. Also, if you are of the mindset that if it isn’t broken you don’t fix it, then this is a great approach to healing an injury without undergoing major surgery. 

Although the title may be misleading, we do believe that physical therapy is a great option and does in fact produce effective results. The Rexburg physical therapy team at Pick PT has numerous success stories to prove it. However, there are a few key indicators that physical therapy will not work for you. The following are common issues that physical therapy patients have who have complained of not seeing improvement. 


Your personal level of commitment is going to be crucial to how well physical therapy works for you. Without a desire or commitment to do work yourself, the results will be significantly less. Most physical therapists will prescribe a home exercise program to compliment what is being done in sessions at the facility. 

It may be beneficial to postpone therapy until your level of commitment can be where it should be. Your physical therapy appointments and home exercises should be of utmost importance in your life until recovery starts to take over. Without proper recovery, quality of life will decrease and risk of further damage increases. 


Hopefully by now we have learned that most things in life are controlled by our attitude. We often hear this referred to in the healthcare field as it pertains to surgical patients before their procedure. Stress has very negative effects on the body, and being stressed, doubtful, skeptical, or any other negative attitude is going to decrease the chances of success and increase chances of complication. 

It is the same with physical therapy. If you go into therapy with the attitude that it will not work, then you’re probably right. There is an old saying that says, “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right.” So, don’t waste your precious time or the time of your therapist with a bad attitude. 


Having the right goals is critical to seeing results. This step is going to take the cooperation of you and your physical therapist and some good open communication. It is a recipe for disaster and guaranteed disappointment if goals are miscommunicated. When a physical therapist helps you reach the goals they intended for you, but those aren’t the goals you were hoping for, then you will not feel that physical therapy was beneficial for you regardless of the good that was done. Speak openly and honestly and make sure that your physical therapist knows what goals you have for yourself and your health. visit site jio rockers

Choose the Right Therapist

Choosing the right therapist is going to be a crucial part of success. In order to have a positive attitude and a strong commitment, you will need to have a good relationship with your physical therapist. Also, in order to see the intended outcomes, you will need to have proper goals set by a therapist who is on the same page as yourself. The Rexburg physical therapy office has three qualified physical therapists that are ready to help you achieve better health. Contact them today to see how physical therapy can work for you.  click here movierulz

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