4 Things To Do When You Are Nervous About Visiting the Dentist

If you are scared of visiting the dentist then you’re not alone. It’s estimated that approximately 5% of the population share your fear. When reviewing it you can probably tell that it’s irrational. But, that doesn’t stop the fear.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help you prepare for the dentist and reduce the fear. You may even be able to eliminate it.

1. Choose The Right Dentist

This sounds obvious but sometimes it can be hard to get any dentist, never mind one that is sympathetic toward your condition. However, it is worth looking.

A good dentist, such as this Little Bay Invisalign specialist will understand that you have a phobia and will help you through it. They can talk to you about the fear, help you book a time that best suits you, and will take it slow when treating you.

If you’re not sure which dentist to choose then chat with your friends, loved ones, and even colleagues. They should give you honest advice. Alongside this, you can take a look online. There are plenty of forums where you’ll find people sharing their experiences. Even social media can provide useful insights into specific dentists.

2. Use Distraction

The best approach is to distract yourself. This is effective while the appointment is approaching and when you’re in the waiting room. The premise is simple, think of something other than the dentist or have a book/magazine that you can start reading.

Focusing on something else stops you from thinking about the dentist and building the fear in your mind. The reality is usually not as bad as you imagine.

If you’re in the dental waiting room anxiety levels can quickly rise. This is when you should make sure you have your cell phone with you. Listening to music or playing a game will help.

3. Practice Breathing

When people get anxious their breathing often gets faster, as does their heart rate. You can use this to help you deal with your nervousness. Focus on breathing slowly in and out.

Focusing on this will act as a distraction. It will also calm your mind and body, helping you to stay rational and actually continue with the appointment.

Breathing exercises are easy to learn and great for all sorts of stressful conditions.

4. Try To Get Appointments At Short Notice

If you have a dental phobia then, once you’ve chosen a dentist, you should tell them. It will help them to be patient with you. It can also allow you to ask for last-minute appointments.

Of course, if you do this you’ll have to commit to being available when they want you. The advantage is that you don’t spend a long time stressing about an appointment two weeks in the future. You get told there is an appointment and you simply have to go.

That makes it much easier to get to the dentist without suffering a panic attack. The dentist will guide you through the rest and you’ll quickly wonder what you were worried bout.

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