5 Benefits of Emergency Dentistry

Although the annual visits to the dentist’s office help you preserve the teeth and offer preventive dental treatments, you might need emergency dental care. This is where lompoc emergency dentistry comes in. The specialty deals with issues such as persistent dental pain and tooth loss and improves the appearance of the teeth. Thus, your dentist will determine if you need emergency dental care when you visit their office. You will receive emergency dental care based on the severity of the oral problems. For instance, a dentist will restore damaged teeth to prevent tooth loss and foster better oral care. Here are reasons you would need emergency dentistry

To Deal with Lost Teeth

You might lose your teeth due to a traumatic accident that leaves the teeth loose. Although the dentist will restore the function of the teeth, sometimes restoring the teeth might not prevent tooth loss. Tooth loss leads to gaps in the mouth and makes the other teeth on the arch move around, resulting in crookedness. Additionally, the lost teeth might result in jaw bone loss which affects the shape of the face and results in an altered face shape. Thus, the dentist might offer temporary dentures to deal with lost teeth during an emergency dental treatment. The dentures might be a temporary solution, and you would need dental implants in the long run.

Emergency Dental Treatment Prevents Crookedness

Your teeth will move on the arch if you lose some of the teeth on the arch. Unfortunately, the teeth become crooked when they move around the arch, creating crevices that collect food particles and foster bacteria growth. Cleaning the crevices might be difficult as the toothbrush and the floss might not reach every tooth’s surface. Therefore, when the dentist replaces the lost teeth with dental implants, they prevent crookedness and the need for braces to align the teeth in the future.

The Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

Although some people might have enough space to fit the wisdom teeth, some have less space in the mouth to fit the growing wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth might develop in the teenage, and without enough solace in the making, they are impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth might not fully emerge from the gums, and some might lie horizontally on the jaw. They exert pressure on the existing teeth on the jaw leading to crookedness, bacterial growth, cavities, and oral odors.

Emergency Dentistry Leads to Preventive Care

It is better to prevent oral issues in the early stages than to let them develop into serious oral complications. Thus, during emergency treatment, your dentist might notice other oral issues which could lead to severe issues in the long run. They would treat cavities, deal with gum disease and prevent oral issues in the early stages.

They Prevent Related Health Issues

Oral issues such as gum disease might be associated with heart disease, and dealing with the issue early prevents heart disease. For instance, your dentist will deal with bleeding gums, prevent gum disease and gingivitis, improve heart health

Emergency dentistry is a solution for almost all oral health issues, and your dentist will determine if you need emergency care based on the severity of the oral problems. For instance, you would need emergency care if you lost teeth as tooth loss affects the other teeth on the arch. Your dentist will offer dentures temporarily and opt for dental implants in the long run. Emergency dentistry prevents issues such as oral odors and gum disease and prevents crooked teeth.

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