5 cases when you should rekey your house in Las Vegas

In the vast majority of homes there is a common problem and this is the change of locks. A lock change is not the most expensive investment you will ever make in your life, however it represents a very important element to guarantee our security and that of our things. 

Although it represents an extremely important situation, it is not always carried out in the right way. Sometimes we ourselves do not give it the proper importance and out of laziness or fear that it will be costly we play with insecurity in our own home. 

In this post we bring you 5 reasons why you should change your lock by the hand of a locksmith trained with services for residences.

1. Obsolete lock

This is one of the main reasons why a lock should be changed from time to time. After being launched in the market, locks begin to lose their security level as the years go by. This is due to the fact that burglars develop new methods of opening and in a very accelerated way. If we talk about bumping, for example, it is a technique that allows the opening of a lock in a matter of seconds, any type of lock that has not been created to prevent this technique, is exposed to it. 


2. Loss of keys

Usually when we lose our keys, we call a locksmith to open our door and make some key copies. The problem with this is that in most cases we don’t know where we lost the keys. This can pose a problem if someone picks them up and acts maliciously. So, if you don’t know when and where you lost the keys, it is time to change the locks in your home. 

3. After a rental period

If we move to a new property or rental, it is also advisable to change the locks. Normally in these situations we do not know who the previous tenants were and sometimes they tend to keep the keys to the space. So it is a good option to at least change the main entrance lock with a locksmith to prevent someone else from entering the house without authorization. It is an efficient and inexpensive method that will help ensure your peace of mind.

4. After carrying out a work

Many times when we are carrying out work, we usually entrust the keys to people responsible for the company so that they can have access and manage the work properly. However, although they may be trustworthy professionals, many times the keys pass through too many hands and you never know who may have second intentions. 

5. Lock malfunction

This is the main cause of most lock changes. It turns out that with the use and the passing of the years the locks wear out and stop working over time. This is when a lock replacement is required. In these cases you can replace only the cylinder cylinder. 

Remember that the only way to ensure the security of your home is to install a good locking system on your doors. Contact a professional for more information and information about the varieties you can find in the market.

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