5 Essential Protection Equipment Needed During a Pandemic

In order to protect oneself from distinct health issues during a pandemic, one needs to carry some crucial things. That involves a face mask, hand sanitisers, gloves, tissues etc. Employing a P2 mask or N95 mask is also efficient while taking the situation into account.

Like mobile phones or wallets, they have also inevitably mingled with people’s lives. And taking a little bit of care in public spaces makes a considerable difference at this time. Meanwhile, Australians are very much considerate about their health and body. So it is common in Australia that everyone carries all these when they go to public functions.

The vital pieces of equipment are:

1. Face Mask

Wearing a mask is not only a benefit for the person wearing it but also safe for those surrounding them. Meanwhile, always remember that a face mask must cover both nose and mouth, or there will be a chance of inhaling the virus. Also, always carry two or three facemasks when you’re travelling in case the one you’re wearing tears or goes missing. Besides, it is a must for both children and older people to wear masks when they go out of houses, as it acts as a barrier between a human and a virus.

Types of Masks

Cloth masks: Cloth marks are more favourable because of their breath supporting capacity. One can add two or three layers to a cloth mask. And generally, they are manufactured using cotton cloth, while loose-knit fabrics should not be used.

Surgical or disposable face masks: They are mainly used for medical purposes; hence, they are single-use masks. They are available in medical stores or any other online stores, are not made of cloth and are not washable. Also, one can use it along with a cloth mask or other medical masks.

N95 respirators and masks with an exhalation valve: N95 masks are significant for those working in the medical field, as buying them provides long term safety. They are available in packs, and large companies purchase them in large quantities. Meanwhile, masks with an exhalation valve are not recommended nowadays.

P2 masks: A P2 mask is also similar to other types, and it is a disposable mask that efficiently filters the airborne particles and improves intake air quality. It can also adjust appropriately to the shape of the wearer’s face.

KN95 masks: They offer around 90% of protection from particulate matter. And if it is decontaminated properly with UV light, one may use this mask up to 3 times.

2. Hand Sanitiser

It is normal to touch every object during travel or while entering a public space. One is not always thinking about the virus when touching a door handle or entering a lift. But this makes the virus enter the body easily, and this can be fatal to the body. So in this circumstance, the need for a hand sanitiser is essential. Washing hands using soap or rubbing this onto your hands helps to kill all the pathogens. So remember to carry a small bottle of sanitiser while travelling for safety.

3. Tissues

Tissues help to cover the mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and it is not a burden to carry. Other than this, using tissue helps to wipe the door handle and elevator buttons. So it will be an effective solution for preventing pathogens.

4. Disinfectant

Keeping disinfectant in hand while travelling is good for your health, as it helps to wipe the surface that you touch regularly. So always carry a good disinfectant and clean phones or car doors to wipe any viruses off of them.

5. Gloves 

Using gloves is the best remedy to protect against the spreading of the virus. Meanwhile, disposable gloves are available, and you can dispose of them after use.

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