5 Fatigue Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

It is normal to experience drowsiness and tiredness after a long workday. But if you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning due to a lack of energy and extreme weariness, you might be suffering from fatigue. Medical experts like the Lawrenceville fatigue specialists can help you distinguish between expected sluggishness and chronic fatigue. Generally, fatigue will cause a feeling of exhaustion that persists even after resting or sleeping. That is how you know it is not the normal sleepiness you feel when tired. Since the condition can be confusing, here are some facts you should know.

Fatigue Symptoms Vary

Fatigue goes beyond being tired, as you might have noticed. The cause of being unusually tired can be easily identified, and symptoms will only be short-lived but not with fatigue. The symptoms can last up to months. You might experience a lack of motivation, concentration and memory difficulties, inability to follow through, chronic sleepiness, muscle weakness, moodiness, fearfulness, headaches, unexplained anxiety, and dizziness. The symptoms can occur alone or combined and severely affect your daily life. It can affect your job performance, focus at school, and social life.

Fatigue Diagnosis Involves Evaluation of Your Overall Health

Fatigue can be caused by many aspects and could also indicate an underlying medical condition. Therefore, it is essential for your doctor to thoroughly go through your medical history and assess your current medical status for an accurate diagnosis. Be ready to be asked open-ended questions by your doctor and give precise information to help understand your situation better. A thorough physical examination is essential, including blood tests for specific health conditions. It is necessary to rule out or confirm some illnesses.

Fatigue Causes are Vast

If you experience fatigue, many potential factors could be contributing to your situation. Sleep disorders are possible significant causes of fatigue, and you should ensure you get good quality and quantity of sleep every day. Also, illnesses like the flu and a cold can contribute to fatigue. Additionally, fatigue could indicate more severe complications associated with symptoms like unexplained weight gain or loss, pain, cough, or enlarged lymph nodes. Such could indicate an infection or a more potent cause.

Fatigue Has a Cure

There is a way to manage your fatigue if you are weary. It all depends on the reason for your symptoms. Your doctor will diagnose your condition and find the right way to restore your usual energy level. If you are not getting quality sleep, your doctor will help you get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. If there is an underlying health complication responsible for your symptoms, addressing the issue can help control your fatigue.

Fatigue Can Be Improved Through Diet and Exercises

Eating a healthy diet boosts your immunity and can help your body function properly. This can relieve your stress levels and encourage better sleep. Generally, balance every meal you take, skip the alcohol, and stay hydrated. Also, some exercises can help you maintain a regular sleep cycle and relieve some psychological disorders like depression. Consult your doctor to understand the correct practices to help you when you are fatigued and avoid vigorous activities that could cause your situation in the first place.

If you are not feeling as peppy as always, it is essential to check in with your doctor. You can contact the fatigue specialists at Performance Pain & Sports Medicine or book an online appointment for help.

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