5 Home Remedies for Neuroma

A neuroma is a condition caused by an inflamed nerve in the ball of the foot. Common symptoms of Neuroma Wappingers Falls include; numbness, pain, burning, or tingling around the bottom of the toes. A neuroma may result from a rare genetic foot problem, pressuring the ball of the feet while participating in some sports or running, or wearing poor-fitting shoes.

If you have a minor neuroma, home remedies and lifestyle adjustments are sufficient to reduce your symptoms and treat the issue successfully.

Here are natural remedies to treat neuroma

1. Ice and pain relievers

Ice and pain medicine are the two most basic and conservative therapies for pain issues like neuroma. Reduce the inflammation by placing pressure on your nerve by applying an ice pack to your afflicted foot or using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs.

2. Wear a comfortable footwear

One of the major causes of a neuroma is poorly fitting footwear, but changing what you wear on your feet will help relieve your discomfort and pressure on the inflamed neuron.

 Wear shoes with appropriate arch support, large toe boxes, shock-absorbent soles, and low heels (no more than two inches). Your doctor can also assist you in locating a shoe pad to soften your steps and support the afflicted region.

3. Massage therapy

Not only does massaging your feet assist relieve discomfort, but it can also ease some of the pressure on your nerves. Just be cautious not to overstretch or rub your foot too hard. It’s convenient to use a high quality foot massager for this purpose. If you are afraid of making your neuroma worse with at-home massages, talk to your doctor about seeing a professional massage therapist.

4. Activity modifications

Do you enjoy high-impact sports such as racing and basketball? Do you stand for long hours when working? Do you have a neuroma as well?

Then it is time to make some changes to your everyday routine. To gain exercise without bothering your neuroma, substitute high-impact activities for low-impact sports like biking and swimming. In addition, take frequent breaks to rest your feet throughout the day.

5. Control your weight

Your feet bear every kilogram of your body weight. And They feel it much more when you have a neuroma. Therefore it is essential to maintain a healthy weight to improve your overall health and lessen the stress on your feet. If you need assistance getting started, consult your doctor. They will guide you toward a healthy lifestyle that will help you lose weight.

When should you see a doctor?

Consult your doctor (or a podiatrist, a foot expert) if you have:

  • Severe pain that prevents you from going about your everyday routine.
  • Pain that is either becoming worse or returning.
  • If the pain persists after two weeks of at-home therapy
  • If the pain in your foot, you may experience tingling or numbness.
  • If you have diabetes, diabetic people are more likely to have major foot issues.

A neuroma is a foot ailment you can treat at home using shoe pads, ice packs, and rest to alleviate symptoms. Other treatment options include medications, injections, and, in severe situations, surgery. Call Hudson Valley Foot Associates to book your appointment for neuroma treatment.

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