6 Benefits of Clear braces that you were Unaware of

Obtaining a beautiful smile and straight teeth with braces have been around for a long time. Over the years, it’s been the obvious answer to how to get straight teeth. As technology has improved, clear braces are very common and have become somewhat of a fashion statement these days.

Ceramic orthodontic brackets are used to replace the metal of traditional braces. These brackets can either be clear or tooth-coloured, rendering them far less noticeable when the wearer smiles or opens their mouth. The fastest way to straighten teeth is with braces, and clear braces provide several distinct advantages, so let’s take a look at what they are.

1 – They Correct Crowded Teeth

The idea is to straighten teeth with braces, and that’s exactly what clear braces achieve. While traditional metal braces are still the fastest way to straighten teeth, clear braces with either ceramic orthodontic brackets or sapphire brackets with white-coated wires are still extremely effective at correcting a mouth full of crowded teeth.

2 – Precision Design Using Digital Scans and 3D Printed Models 

If you’ve been wondering how to get straight teeth with braces utilising modern technology, the process has become high-tech and far more accurate.

In the past, patients were fitted for braces using rubber moulds and stone models. These days, teeth are digitally scanned, and the models are created using 3D print technology. Combine this with cutting-edge software and digital imaging, and the results are far more accurate and effective. It’s all about absolute precision for optimum results. It also means that the process is quicker, cleaner and smoother for the patient.

 3 – Clear Braces Are Aesthetically Pleasing 

Unfortunately, as useful and effective as braces are, there has often been a stigma attached to wearing metal braces, especially for school-aged kids. Having a mouth full of metal doesn’t look that attractive, and it’s also very obvious that the person is wearing braces.

With clear braces, the results are entirely different. They are far less visible when a person smiles, and even if others notice the braces, their appearance looks modern and trendy.

4 – Wearers Experience Less Pain

Due to the design, materials used, and the advent of more precision techniques for fitting braces, clear braces are generally more comfortable to wear. When braces are first fitted, it’s natural that they’ll feel foreign and a little uncomfortable. This discomfort is sometimes associated with pain when it comes to metal braces, but recipients of clear braces experience very little, if any, pain and discomfort.

The materials used in the manufacture of clear braces are not abrasive and are not likely to irritate the inside of the mouth or gums. This is a major advantage of clear braces and modern technology.

5 – Clear Braces Align Crooked Teeth

Many children and adults are not blessed with naturally straight and even teeth. If crooked teeth are present, this can result in the person being shy to smile and may always be that person who has their mouth closed when photos are taken.

Everyone wants to be proud of their teeth and their smile, so if you have crooked teeth, these can be corrected with clear braces that have minimal visibility. Clear braces even look great in photos, as they are barely noticeable.

Once the braces have done their job by straightening misaligned teeth and have been removed, the recipient will forever be boasting an incredible smile that they will be proud to show off.

6 – Correcting Teeth With Clear Braces Can Prevent Dental Problems

A mouth full of crowded or crooked teeth can be harder to clean when it comes to brushing and flossing. Misaligned teeth provide more fissures and pockets for food particles to collect in. Even if the individual practices good oral hygiene, sometimes that just won’t be enough to remove those hard-to-access food particles.

Naturally, this can lead to tooth decay over time, resulting in fillings or extractions, not to mention associated pain. Clear braces are effective in correcting teeth and preventing future dental issues.

The Wrap

It’s clear to see that there are distinct advantages to being fitted with clear braces to correct crowded or crooked teeth, so discuss this option with your dentist today.

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