6 Non-Surgical Methods to Treat Neuroma

A neuroma is a chronic discomfort in the ball of the foot resulting from tissue growth around a nerve that travels to the toes. It causes a burning sensation in the ball of the foot that grows worse with exercise and while you are wearing shoes, and it probably develops as a result of irritation, too much pressure, or damage. Therefore, you need to find the proper treatment for Fort Worth neuroma to relieve your pain:

Below are non-surgical methods to treat neuroma;

1. Immobilization

A quick increase in physical activity may occasionally result in a Neuroma or exacerbate an existing one. In such cases, two to three weeks of rest and immobility in a walking boot can help the acute inflammation subside and occasionally even go away. In most chronic situations, immobilization alone is ineffective.

2. Physical therapy

Although it is not a common form of treatment for neuromas, physical therapy can be helpful in some situations. The muscular alignment known as equines is caused by tight calf and hamstring muscles, which increase pressure on the foot’s ball. The signs of a neuroma may worsen as a result of this alignment. By promoting stretch and laxity in the calf and hamstring muscles, qualified physical therapists can aid in reducing pressure on the ball of the foot.

3. Padding

The painful symptoms of a  Neuroma can be relieved using a range of premade pads, inserts, and cushions. A metatarsal pad, a little sticky cushion, is the simplest to use. This pad has a triangular, teardrop-shaped form and is velvety. When functioning correctly, the metatarsal pad moves weight away from the neuroma and promotes healing. There are also full-length foot pads available, typically at running specialist shops. An orthotics, a bespoke insert, can be manufactured for patients if they cannot obtain a comfortable over-the-counter insert.

4. Injections

Cortisone is essentially an anti-inflammatory. It can lessen nerve swelling and promote healing when injected into the neuroma region. A diluted alcohol solution is occasionally used to attenuate the nerve chemically. Other injections are also available.

5. Shoe changes

Changes in footwear might assist relieve pressure on a neuroma by avoiding high heels of more than two inches. Additionally, many running shoes and cleats designed for sports have toe boxes that are too tight or too tapered for particular foot shapes.

6. Practice foot baths

Foot baths help cure neuromas. Do not be afraid to flavor your water with essential oils or grey sea salt. You may use essential oils like rosemary,  cypress, juniper, camphor, and wintergreen.

In addition, you may use the oil of mint, which has effective analgesic properties to treat a neuroma. apply it directly   After diluting it with a neutral oil

Neuroma pain may be devastating and, like any chronic pain, can drain your mental and emotional energy. Fortunately, there are many different treatments you may choose from. Find the best therapies for you by consulting with your healthcare practitioner.

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