6 Signs It Is Time to Visit a Pain Management Physician

From foot discomfort to headaches, it is natural for everyone to suffer discomfort sometimes. In some circumstances, though, chronic pain is defined as discomfort that lasts three to six months or more. The pain you experience daily is a symptom of more serious diseases requiring medical attention, and the sooner these conditions are addressed, the better. Zephyr medical pain management physicians will evaluate not only your pain but also the contributing factors. Continue reading to discover the common indications that it is time to abandon over-the-counter medicines and consult a pain management specialist.

1. You Have Difficulty Performing Routine Tasks

Daily routines today are stressful enough. Therefore, discomfort caused by performing simple tasks like reaching into an elevated cabinet or opening a door can significantly disrupt your activities and life quality. Although it is not unusual for trauma or discomfort to flare up and lead to these difficulties, if they persist for an extended period, this is cause for concern. Therefore, contacting your pain management physician for an accurate diagnosis and treatment is important.

2. You Are Suffering Radiating Discomfort

You must contact a pain management physician if your discomfort extends to your limb or another body region. Besides radiating pain, look out for tingling, numbness, and other such sensations. These symptoms are frequently linked to pinched nerves, disc degeneration, and other serious disorders requiring medical attention.

3. You Have Difficulty Sleeping Owing To The Pain

If your discomfort keeps you up at night, it is time to see a pain management specialist. Your body requires enough time for rest, and if discomfort keeps you from doing so, it will start to impair other facets of your health. For instance, you might start experiencing daytime sleepiness and fatigue, which could affect your work performance.

4. Nonprescription Medicine Is Ineffective

Although tiny doses of painkillers are sometimes efficient, they will not treat the underlying reason for your discomfort. Therefore, you are merely delaying your healing. Moreover, extended usage of over-the-counter drugs might result in over-dependence and other severe health concerns. A pain management physician’s techniques eliminate the need for pain relievers by offering lasting relief and treatment for your underlying conditions.

5. Specific Motions trigger the Pain

Some pain concerns are triggered by specific motions like stretching your legs, bending over, climbing stairs, and more. Your pain management physician will do a comprehensive body exam to identify the cause of your discomfort and advise you on how to avoid the specific trigger causing your pain.

6. You Can No Longer Engage In Your Favorite Pastimes And Activities

Everyone has interests and activities that define them. Whether gardening or golf, these pursuits have both physical and mental benefits. When you give up on the activities you enjoy, you lose much more than a hobby.

Activity abstinence could result in shifts in your mood, making the burden of chronic pain much worse. If you have difficulties enjoying your pastime activities, your pain management doctor can help you find relief.

When you have chronic pain, it significantly disrupts your life. However, you are not alone! A professional pain management clinic will offer safe, extensive pain management and guidance. Contact your specialist to discuss your options.

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