7 Top Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment

Dealing with severe gum disease requires prompt attention as it can be extremely distressing and disrupt your everyday routine. However, many individuals are unwilling to face a painful surgical periodontal treatment requiring at least six months to recover. Fortunately, there is an alternative! Indeed, Pasadena laser gum treatment has improved to reduce the anxiety associated with traditional invasive periodontal care. If you are suffering from severe gum disease and are looking for the most effective treatment option, here are seven benefits that would make you consider laser gum treatment.

1. Less invasive

Laser surgery is significantly less invasive than other gum surgery procedures. Traditional gum surgery involves cutting through the gum tissue, leaving behind painful wounds that require stitching and much healing time. Since the laser never penetrates the gum tissue, it reduces the risk of bleeding, infection, and sensitivity following the surgery, indicating a low chance of complications. Due to these reasons, many people, therefore, are more open about receiving oral health care.

2. Laser Periodontal Therapy Is Faster

For patients with limited time, laser treatment is the logical solution. The procedure may take less than two hours and is completed during the initial dentist visit. You may also require a brief follow-up appointment to ensure that your gums are healing properly, and that is all.

3. Fast Recovery

With laser periodontal therapy, most patients can return to work and regular activities within 24 hours. In contrast, other procedures could take days or weeks to get the same result. Additionally, overall recovery time is substantially shorter, and lifestyle constraints are fewer during the healing phase.

4. Eliminates Harmful Bacteria

Another benefit of employing lasers to treat periodontal disease is their astounding effectiveness in eradicating harmful bacteria. Lasers enter deep periodontal spaces that extend below the gingival margin, clean out tooth-root surfaces, and remove infected gum tissue painlessly and without discomfort. Furthermore, the likelihood of reinfection following laser periodontal treatment is significantly lower than with other methods.

5. Lasers Are Precise

With laser gum surgery, patients do not experience the risk of healthy gum tissue damage as the laser distinguishes between healthy and unhealthy tissue. Dental specialists utilize the laser to repair damaged tissue and accelerate the formation of new, healthy tissue. This procedure is incredibly precise and accurate and will not harm bones or teeth.

6. Fewer Diet Restrictions

Following gum surgery, your orthodontist will place dietary restrictions in many instances. Frequently, your diet will consist primarily of liquids and soft foods instead of solid foods. With laser gum therapy, a huge percentage of patients experience no pain or discomfort when eating hard foods the same day after their procedure.

7. No Anesthesia Or Novocain Needed

Another significant benefit of laser gum treatment is that the procedure will not require Novocain or anesthesia. Patients are completely awake and aware of the procedure as it occurs. Besides, Novocain can sometimes be intrusive and may cause many patient complications.

Under some health situations, surgery can be risky if there is a lengthy healing period or a high risk of bleeding. In contrast, laser treatment is risk-free for all patients due to the benefits outlined in this article. If you or a loved one suffer from gum or periodontal disease, schedule an appointment with your dentist for laser gum treatment today.

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