A Complete Guide to Hydrafacials

Many patients are willing to spend a lot of money on expensive procedures to achieve smooth, radiant skin. Although many treatments promise improved and rejuvenated skin, none compares to hydrafacial Coral Gables treatment. This facial procedure is increasingly becoming popular due to its efficacy in enhancing patient skin by addressing problematic issues that may be hindering enhanced self-esteem.

What is hydrafacial treatment?

This procedure involves more than a typical spa treatment because it ensures long-lasting results. Physicians usually leverage a proprietary machine that cleanses, exfoliates, and extracts dead skin and dirt before delivering rejuvenating serums.

The reason hydrafacials are increasing in popularity is their efficiency in improving the skin within a short period. Moreover, a patient can choose to have repeated sessions to maintain results.

How do hydrafacials work?

If you know about microdermabrasion, you have an idea of how hydrafacials work. Hydrafacials are similar to microdermabrasion because the treatment begins by eliminating the outermost skin layer that contains dead skin cells and dirt particles. During this step, a physician does not necessarily leverage a mildly abrasive instrument but an exfoliating tip that is part of the hydrafacial device. A tip connected to a suction pulls out all the problematic proponents on the skin.

The next step in hydrafacial is an infusion of beneficial serums into the skin. This step is why hydra facials effectively promote skin health because they ensure nutrition.

What are the three steps of a hydrafacial treatment?

  • Cleanse and peel

The initial step of hydrafacials is cleansing and peeling. A physician will use an exfoliating tip to scrape off any dead skin cells that may be clogging pores and causing breakouts. Cleansing is necessary to ensure the removal of bacteria and any dirt debris. After cleansing and peeling, the skin is ready for the next two steps of a hydrafacial.

  • Extract and hydrate

Physicians leverage the suction to pull out any remaining dirt on the skin. Afterward, delivering fluids is necessary to ensure the skin remains hydrated. Dry skin is one causative factor for many skin concerns. Hydrafacials ensure that the skin stays hydrated to promote vitality and vibrance.

  • Infuse and protect

This step is crucial during a hydrafacial. Physicians usually deliver essential serums that promote healthy skin. Serums provide the skin with a boost. However, your physician will customize this step and provide specific serums depending on a patient’s goals. However, this step contributes to improved hyperpigmentation, reduced wrinkles, and healthy, vibrant skin.

Why patients should get hydrafacials

There is no better treatment than addressing skin concerns like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, and fine lines like a hydrafacial. Your physician will customize the treatment to ensure maximum achievement of desired outcomes. It would be best to seek professional intervention to improve treatment efficacy. A physician will provide a thorough approach, including diagnosis of your skin, to understand the best proponents to include in your hydrafacial. Contact Martha Viera, MD, to schedule a hydrafacial appointment to improve your skin outcomes by eliminating any concerns hindering your self-esteem.

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