A Guide to Tooth Ache Recovery

Everyone gets a toothache eventually, and going to the dentist is scary, but with this guide, you’ll be on the road to recovery quick,

A root canal is a treatment designed to get rid of an achy tooth, preventing further issues on it and avoiding removal.

What is a root canal?

A root canal treatment saves a problematic tooth from extraction. A tooth that needs one has an interior issue or a big cavity. If it isn’t fixed or removed, the pain will only increase. It will get worse and worse until you have to go straight to the dentist and more likely get it extracted, which would suck. The treatment consists of a series of steps. Your tooth is hollowed out completely (think of a Halloween pumpkin) and posteriorly sealed with a material that makes it act like a healthy tooth once again. That means a painless mouth for you again!

What does a root canal consist of?

If your toothaches or your dentist or endodontist has already mentioned you need a root canal treatment, you do not need to worry. It is a common procedure, and it is successfully performed millions of times every year, with few complications always.

Each tooth is comprised of 3 layers, the enamel is the outermost, then there’s the dentin, and beneath that, there is the pulp, a soft tissue where the nerves, connective tissue & blood vessels reside neatly arranged. A fully developed tooth can survive without all the pulp after a root canal, because it won’t have nerves anymore, and also because it becomes solid again from the outside as it was before the procedure.

Nowadays, this procedure is not complicated, and can usually be done in one or two appointments. Rarely are there any complications. Of course, this depends on the condition of the tooth, and on some personal health or body conditions. The procedure is not painful, it is effective, and brings your tooth to correct performance.

Signs that you need a root canal treatment

If you have a cracked tooth, a serious visible cavity, or issues arising from a previous filling, you likely need one. Also, sensitivities from cold or hot sensations are usually good signs that you need one. Other signs that you might need a root canal are:

* Your tooth hurts a lot when you chew or bite.

* A noticeable chip on your tooth.

* Aching gums.

* Darkening in some parts of your gums.

Getting your root canal treatment

Normally endodontic treatment is less expensive than having the tooth removed, and it gets you back on your feet faster than an extraction (which could require a posterior implant or bridge).

Most dentists in Indira Nagar have a close to perfect rating of 5 stars on Google’s site, and some have over a hundred reviews. So when picking a dentist, you can feel safe that you made the right choice to take care of yourself.

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