Anticipate A Pleasant Pregnancy Experience With Preconception Counseling

Upon realizing that you are ready to become a mother, you may get confused about how to prepare yourself or what supplements you need to take to have a successful pregnancy. The Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG team comes to your rescue by offering Las Vegas OB/GYN services to prepare you physically and mentally for pregnancy.

Understanding obstetrics services

Obstetrics is a medicine branch that promotes successful pregnancies and childbirth while providing post-natal services during the postpartum period. Obstetric care is typically married to gynecology, and they both ensure the general health of you and your baby. The Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG team offers a wide range of obstetrics care services, including vaginal birth, preconception counseling, low and high-risk pregnancy care, genetic counseling, and in-office ultrasounds. During your initial visit, the compassionate team discusses your goals and expectations and develops a care plan to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and a successful delivery.

Why you need preconception counseling

Although most women recognize the existence of an obstetrician after learning that they are pregnant, it is always recommended that you consult with Dr. Richards when considering having a baby to ensure you have a pleasant time during pregnancy. Preconception counseling allows you to discuss the risk factors, lifestyle adjustments, and medical conditions before creating an elaborate plan for future pregnancy.

A safe and healthy pregnancy begins before a positive pregnancy test. Your doctor may create a care plan for you to optimize your general health and prepare your body for pregnancy. During the appointment, your doctor may discuss the demands of pregnancy and how to care for yourself and the baby.

What you should expect during a preconception counseling appointment

In addition to discussing your goals and expectations, your provider may conduct several tests to ensure that your body is ready. You may need a physical exam that involves checking your weight, a pelvic exam, evaluating your blood pressure, and checking your abdomen, thyroid, heart, and breasts.

Your doctor may also conduct lab tests such as a complete blood count, diabetes screening, testing for rubella, and a pap smear to check for various medical conditions and abnormalities. The team at Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG may also delight in showing you how to chart menstrual cycles so you can decide when exactly you would like to get pregnant. They may also offer prenatal vitamins so that your baby may start benefiting long before you get your positive test.

Lifestyle changes you may have to consider

Pregnancy does not mean that you cease exercising. Regular exercise is preferable to intermittent activity. Even so, you should avoid exercising to exhaustion and ensure that you are always hydrated. A healthy diet is also crucial for you and the developing fetus. Your doctor may advise you to take about 300 calories every before confirming that you are pregnant. Adopting healthy eating habits beforehand helps you maintain a nutritious diet throughout the trimesters.

Call Darin Swainston MD, FACOG, or schedule an appointment online for preconception counseling.

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