Are You Planning to Get Dental Veneers? – Understand the Pros and Cons

In order to hide the imperfections of teeth, dental veneers are the best option. They have gained more popularity than ever before because they are the easy and quick way to fix chipped and broken teeth. If a person does not want to undergo a surgical procedure to fix the small gaps and crooked teeth, he or she can consider veneers and get back the perfect smile. Hilliard veneers are able to improve the overall looks of a person. However, you must be aware of the pros and cons of dental veneers.

Pros of dental veneers

  • Improved personality – One of the reasons why people opt for veneers is because a person can fix the problems in the quickest possible manner. It is not a difficult task to change your looks and smile with a small procedure like veneers.  It can straighten your teeth and make you look more impressive than ever before. It will also boost your self-confidence, as you don’t need to hide your teeth. You can smile as many times as you want.
  • Affordability – The dental veneer is one of the most affordable dental procedures as compared to other dental treatments. Not everyone can afford expensive dental treatments to correct the issues associated with chipped and broken teeth. Dental veneers are better options than inlays, fillings and onlays. They are less expensive than dental crowns. That’s why, the popularity of veneers has increased more than before.
  • Versatility – Dental veneers can be crafted in different sizes and shapes. Your dentist will design it for you after carefully examining the needs. Moreover, it works better than dental crowns and the doctor does not need to remove much enamel from the teeth to adjust the veneers, unlike dental crowns.

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Cons of dental veneers

As the coin has two sides, the veneers also have demerits and some of them are discussed below:

  • This procedure is irreversible. The doctor has to remove a thin layer of enamel before he fits them into the teeth.
  • After the layer is removed, teeth may become more sensitive to hot and cold drinks.
  • Veneers have a shorter life than dental crowns and bridges.
  • The veneers can also crack and chip at any time.

It is strongly recommended to get in touch with a reputed dentist if you want to improve your smile with the help of dental veneers.

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