At Your Goal Weight—Do Not Stop Now

What is weight loss? It is about how you feel about yourself and not the number on the scale. You have reached your goal; yes, you fit into your skinny jeans again, and now all is perfect. Wrong as once you get your goal weight, it is not the time to stop, according to many nutrition coach Orange County experts. Let’s find out why.

Your Goal Needs to be Flexible

When it comes to the goal weight in your mind, it is usually unrealistic. According to the health coach Orange County experts, you compare yourself with others and see a body shape with a size that is lean, femininely curvy, and firm. Therefore, your ideal weight based on years ago might not be possible. The trick is to keep the weight off and not get it off. Research shows that people who lose weight end up gaining it back. For this reason, you need to set a realistic goal to prevent regaining your weight. So people get real and put a reasonable goal weight to stay there.

So How Do You Know You Reached Your Goal Weight

When asking health coach Orange County experts, they said it varies from one person to another, but some are noticeable.

Physical Signs

  • The first thing you should look for is if your body is at a happy weight by looking at the following:
  • Are your clothes fitting as you want them to fit? Instead of weighing on the scale all the time, look at how your clothes fit.
  • Does your doctor or health coach say you are healthy? Look at your blood pressure, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels to determine this.
  • Have your non-scale measurements improved? Keep track of your progress with body measurements, assessing your life changes, measuring the volume of food consumed, and more. According to Orange County nutrition coaches, this is a great way to know if your weight goal is still the same.
  • Is your energy level on point? How do you feel about your daily routine as it helps keep you on your weight goal? If you sleep well and feel resilient, keep following your training.
  • Is your weight kept constant? If it has been consistent for a while, then you’re in a good spot and keep continuing what you do. Therefore, you are enjoying eating that makes sense to you.

Mental Signs

The same as physical indicators, mental signs are also essential to keep your weight goal. These include:

  • Feeling confident about your weight and what you have achieved
  • The eating plan is not complicated, and sustainably keeping your weight becoming second nature when you eat.
  • Life is enjoyable as you love hitting the gym during the week but can still enjoy some pizza and beer without feeling down.

Final Thoughts

So if you have reached your weight goal, keep going on with your nutrition and health plan to prevent picking up all the weight you have lost. You will feel content and enjoy life eating and occasionally drinking without worrying about all the pounds. Furthermore, you are active, and that slab of chocolate that used to be a no-no is not such a big deal anymore.

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