Benefits of Choosing Scalp Micropigmentation for Men and Women

Hair loss has become a prevalent condition among men and women today. The reason for losing hair can be many, from pollution to water quality to diet to lifestyle choices to certain medical conditions. No matter what causes this, it can dent your self-esteem and confidence. You may have tried a couple of home remedies, prescribed medicines, and unsolicited advice too. Hence, it can be difficult for you to trust anything new now. Plus, you can doubt its safety. But treatments are getting advanced and effective nowadays. That’s why it makes sense to give them a chance. Here the focus is on scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

In this procedure, an SMP artist deposits pigment into your scalp through a tool, such as microneedles. The pigmentation resembles tiny hair follicles, creating a sense of fuller and thicker hair on your scalp.  As per studies, almost one out of five Americans experience some form of hair loss, such as receding hairline, thinning, alopecia, etc. If you or your dear one is one of them, you can opt for this non-invasive method to rekindle your confidence and for various other reasons.

Quicker results

Plenty of hair treatments are available, but most of them need a significant amount of time to produce effective results. But SMP can give you tangible results within a matter of few days. Once you take this therapy, you only have to maintain cleanliness for the initial two weeks. You don’t have to worry about dressing wounds or stitching. More precisely, you can start your routine quickly. Also, its painless nature eliminates the need for medication. Still, it is better to choose the right artist for this job. For example, you can consider hair SMP artist by Chris Herrera. When a renowned technician does this, you don’t feel stressed about your safety and hair. Instead, you can focus on getting back your original hair look.

Some believe that it can be one of the quickest hair treatments for anyone not willing to devote too much time to this.

Long-term effect

SMP replicates the natural hair look through pigmentation. But people often wonder whether it would last and, if yes, how long. Everyone wants permanent solutions for their problems. While other treatments can be demanding in this respect, you can trust SMP to give you long-term relief. You don’t have to do follow-ups. Also, if it is successful, you can expect its impact to stay for three to seven years. Some people may not follow technician’s instructions for maintenance. They can also hope the effect of this treatment to last for about two years.

In this context, you need to know that you can change the color of your pigmentation if you wish to give yourself a new look. You don’t have to hold yourself back thinking it is a permanent hair treatment. You can achieve this through a touch-up. Touch-ups also come in handy when pigments start to lose their color.

Improved appearance

In any profession, your looks can be the ultimate opportunity clincher. For example, when you go for a job interview, your overall style and presentation can be affected by your hair. If you have healthy hair, you can arrange it anyway to enhance your fashion. Otherwise, your level of confidence can drop. Since perfect appearance plays a critical role in attracting attention, you wouldn’t want to lose a lucrative opportunity because of this reason. Besides that, staying in that state for a long can be harmful to your mental health. You can become depressed or feel intimidated by others. However, if you correct your hair issue, you can overcome all these challenges.


Earlier, this treatment was expensive because there were only a few options. With its success rate and rising demands, this hair loss service has become quite affordable. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the treatment cost. Since it doesn’t require much maintenance, you can expect some relief in that area too. Just make sure to get the best artist to do this job for you.


Most people avoid hair treatments dreading the involvement of surgery and harmful chemicals. SMP is relatively safe in that respect. Its non-invasive approach is the best thing – it doesn’t involve incisions, cutting, or any such thing. The artist usually uses an electric tattoo needle and mild anesthetic to ensure smooth implementation of the process.

Hair loss can be a common problem. Still, it attracts negative attention from people to the extent where a person can feel awkward and out of place. Facing this situation day in and day out can be dangerous for your wellness. At the same time, you can lose career opportunities only because of your appearance caused by thinning hair or hair loss. If you wish to put an end to unpleasant experiences, think of trying SMP once. It can change your personality without creating a dent in your pocket.

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