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Everyone lives in a competitive environment; the world is moving ahead at a fast pace, and people work extremely hard so that they are not left behind. This sometimes can take a toll on your health, especially your skin and hair.

Stress affects the overall body function and can be because of some significant causes of underlying diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and even hair loss. Hair loss is most common nowadays, almost in every age group and gender. However, men are more prone to hair loss and baldness.

Blame it on hormones or stress factors; men in the age group of 20-30 start seeing the effect of stress and hormones on their hair. Hair fall treatment in Pune is best and recommended to stop hair fall.

Top 8 Important Facts You Should Know About Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures:

The transplanted hair is taken from your own body, and they grow by themselves. The best thing about hair transplant is the hairs look natural, and you can style them the way you want.

The techniques available for hair transplant are Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)


This procedure is affordable and short. For this procedure, the patients do not have to shave their heads. This method changes the pattern of hair growth, and the patients cannot explore different hairstyles.


The duration of this procedure is lengthy. This procedure does not leave any scars if it is performed correctly. The patients can explore hairstyles in this procedure. The cumulative cost of the FUE is less than FUT in the long run. This method is mostly recommended for people who like to keep their hair short.

If you dream that your hair will be thicker and denser than before, don’t get your hopes up. The density of hairs after transplantation depends on various factors and may vary from person to person. The degree of baldness, type of hair, gender, and hair available in the donor areas are some of the important factors which decide the density of your hairs after transplantation.

You don’t need any extra leaves from your office; it is a day-care procedure and does not require any hospital stay. Perform this procedure during the weekend if you don’t want your work to be disturbed.

A hair transplant is not a magical solution; however, it is permanent and the best solution for baldness. In this procedure, your hair from certain body parts is taken and, with the help of surgery, transplanted into your scalp in a specific pattern.

But remember, all types of baldness cannot be treated with transplantation. Visits a qualified dermatologist and looks for the best hair fall treatment in Pune; they can recommend the best treatment by diagnosing your case.

The hair transplant treatment cost depends on various factors like the instrument used, the type of procedure carried out, and the no of hair grafting.  A graft of hair generally included 1 to 5 strands of hair. Depending upon the extent of baldness hair fall treatment in Pune provides an affordable rate for the grafting procedure.

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