Biceps Workout at Home

Most often, men do weight exercises for toughness, and you certainly cannot look tough if you have weak arms. To make your arms look strong and muscular, the first muscle we try to enlarge is the bicep. These muscles occupy a large area of our arms, and with weak biceps, we can’t have a muscular physique. The good thing about biceps is that you don’t have to work extensively hard on them. Just the right exercises with a bit of consistency, and you will be flexing and flaunting those arms in no time. However, in the current situation, due to the pandemic, most of the gyms are still closed.

Some people believe that the gym is solely the way to train biceps. On the contrary, there are some bodyweight bicep exercises that you can do for making bigger biceps, all from the convenience of your home. We have gathered a list of effective biceps exercises that you do at home and we’ve made an easy guide to help you get familiar with the workout.

Reverse hand push-ups

A reverse push-up is similar to a regular push-up except for the position of your hands. You have to place your hands in a reverse position. Begin this exercise in a usual push-up position, gradually twist your arms outwards until your fingers are facing your feet and you feel suitable for the method. The reverse hand push-ups accentuate your biceps more than any other exercise.

Triangle Push-ups

Include the Triangle or diamond push-up workout into your exercise routine. This bodyweight bicep exercise targets your biceps. Triangle or diamond push-ups are an excellent modification of traditional push-ups. Exercise diamond push-ups by drawing your hands close to make a triangle shape underneath your ribs. Maintain your legs, keep your back straight, and force yourself away from up from the ground.

Side Plank

The side plank is another adaptation of push-ups and is a brilliant exercise for growing your bicep muscles. You will start the side plank in the traditional push-ups position. Slowly shift your body on one side, legs stretched and accumulated from the lower back to toes, lifting one arm until it extends vertically. Pause for a moment in this state. Now, lower yourself down to a regular plank position, then redo the exercise on your different side.

Up and down Plank

The up and down plank exercise benefits you with better posture and stiffens your shoulders, biceps, and forearms. Start with a push-up position with your whole body pressure on your forearms, shoulders, and keep your legs straight behind you. Next, flex one arm and set your forearm on the floor with your elbow beneath your shoulder. Now, lean your other arm to reach down into a low plank on your forearms. Reverse the move by extending the right arm followed by your left arm.

One arm Push-up

The one-arm push-up benefits you with stiff arms, chest, and shoulders and pushes your biceps to neutralize for desired maintenance. Commence with a push-up stance with your one hand on the floor and hold the other firm behind your lower back. Widen your feet. Make sure to maintain your back upright and body against the ground. Lower yourself until your chest touches the floor and then switch arms and repeat the process.


A pull-up is an exercise for upper-body muscles. Simple pull-ups can grow sturdy forearms and biceps. A pull-up exercise is so convenient that you can practice it with a hanging towel around the door or with a pull-up bar. Grip the pull-up bar with your hands wide apart and palms facing forward. When you do pull-ups, you should always aim for a full range of motions.


Incorporating chin-ups into your workout routine is a sure way to build your biceps. First, grasp the bar with the palms facing you and hands, shoulders-width apart. Relax your legs. Then use your back, shoulders, and arms to pull yourself up until your chin rises above the bar.


Managing time for health and fitness is never simple, but home training can make it uncomplicated. To stay fit, it is not necessary to hit the gym. The bodyweight bicep exercises mentioned above will help you to build firm biceps and keep you furnished in the warmth of your home. It can be inexpensive as well as very convenient.

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