Can Stem Cell Therapy Effectively Treat Back Pain?

Back pain is a common kind of pain and can occur because of various injuries and conditions. While traditional treatment methods can help manage back pain, they cannot guarantee total healing and can be invasive. However, stem cell therapy provides promising results. If you have been dealing with back pain in Westfield, keep reading to know how you can benefit from this therapy. 

It is Safe

Stem cell therapy works by repairing the affected spinal discs and facet joints. By rehydrating tissue, stem cells can alleviate chronic pain. And this can be done using the cells that your body produces.

Stem cell therapy involves harvesting stem cells from your bone marrow and injecting them into the pain site.  This process does not involve the use of chemicals and there is no risk of reaction or rejection. 

There is Little Risk

In the procedure, a doctor will use a long needle to extra bone marrow from your fat or hip cells. The primitive cells identified are re-injected into the area to be treated. These cells will help stimulate the production of collagen and speed up the healing of the joint or disc. The therapy should be administered by a highly trained doctor. Placing the needle into the facet joint or vertebral disc must be done precisely. As long as you get the therapy from the right doctor, the injection is unlikely to cause bleeding, infection, or nerve damage. 

Disc Degeneration Treatment

Back pain is often due to disc degeneration and herniation, which result from aging, arthritis, an injury, or a degenerative disc disorder. 

Disc degeneration occurs when the cells in your discs are lost. Damage to healthy cells can lead to a loss of hydration, causing a disc to tear. Disc degeneration can cause reduced mobility and function, as well as weakness, pain, and stiffness. With stem cell therapy, your adult stem cells are re-injected into the damaged discs, restoring their height and hydration. 

Facet Joint Dysfunction Treatment

Facet joint dysfunction causes pain along the spine, particularly in the neck and back. It often results from sports-related injuries and traumatic injuries like whiplash. It can impact mobility and function as well as result in stiffness, pain, and weakness. Stem cell therapy manages this condition by using your own stem cells. 

No matter what’s causing your back pain, stem cell therapy can alleviate your pain and restore your mobility. This therapy utilizes your own cells to treat damaged tissue and activate the body’s natural healing process. 

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