Can You Do A Nebulizer Treatment With Pets In The Room?

Using a nebulizer is the best way to tackle breathing health issues. The treatment is quick and efficient. Besides that, there are many affordable portable nebulizers on the market.

However, many pet owners are skeptical of nebulizing. That is because many people fear the mist and drugs can harm pets. So, to clear the confusion, we have decided to help you.

Below are all the facts about the effect of your nebulizer treatment on your pets.

What Is Nebulizing?

For those of you who don’t know what nebulizer treatment is, it is a way to treat lung diseases. A nebulizer is a machine in which you add a liquid drug. Then, the medicine is converted into mist through an air compressor.

To treat yourself, you breathe in the mist using a face mask connected to the machine. By nebulizing, you can breathe easily, and painful symptoms are eradicated.

Can You Do A Nebulizer Treatment With Pets In The Room?

For nebulizing treatment, many drugs are used. These are administered to you directly by breathing in a face mask. This means that no mist is released in the air.

Since the gas is not released in the room, your pets won’t be harmed. The one thing that you need to ensure is that they are not sitting close to you. There is also another scenario that many of you may wonder about.

Sometimes the mist can leak if you haven’t connected the pieces correctly. So, if you have pets in the room, don’t worry. That is because the aerosol given off by the nebulizer is diluted.

When the diluted mist is released, the drug scatters in the air. But that does not harm your pet. In fact, the creature won’t even feel any difference in the air.

Does Albuterol Harm Pets?

Albuterol is a common drug that is administered through a nebulizer. It is reported that a high concentration of the drug in the air can affect the animal. So, if you’re nebulizing yourself with albuterol, make sure to keep your pet in the other room.

When a small amount of albuterol is released, usually no side effects are produced. But if the pet is close to you, then it will cause a behavior change. The drug will cause your pet to become nervous, and their heart rate will increase.

In some cases, the animal pants a lot too. The silver lining is that many times the symptoms go away on their own after an hour. However, if they have inhaled an abnormal amount of albuterol, you should take your pet to the vet.

Does Saline Harm Pets?

Saline is another medicine that is used for nebulizing. It is only saltwater that helps in opening air pathways. That is why saline does not harm pets. 

So, if your pet inhales air containing saline, don’t worry about it. Saline benefits both humans and pets alike for breathing issues.

Final Words

That was all the knowledge you’ll require about nebulizing in the same room as pets. Except for albuterol, no other drugs have been known to harm pets. So you can use them in the same room as your pets.

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