Common Signs of Colon Cancer You Need To Know About

In the modern world, many people find they have limited time available. This often means some things are put off, left to do another day. Unfortunately, the need to maintain a household and bills often means that health issues are often overlooked or ignored.

But, the truth is the early you catch the issue, the easier it is to resolve. It’s important to be aware that colon cancer can happen at any age but it is more common in those over 45. It’s advisable to have a colonoscopy performed by your doctor once you reach 45. The doctor can then advise how often you need to have this procedure done.

Common Signs You Have Colon Cancer

The following signs are indicative that you have colon cancer. However, they are also signs of many other diseases. That’s why it’s essential that you get yourself checked as soon as possible to find out what the issue actually is.

  • The presence of blood in your stools

It should be noted that dark red blood is much more serious than bright blood. Bright red means it is fresh and likely to be a tear at the site of your anus or possibly piles. Dark red shows bleeding inside the colon.

  • Pain and feelings of discomfort in your stomach

Everyone has pain and cramps occasionally. But, if this is a persistent feeling you need to seek medical help.

  • A feeling that your bowels aren’t empty

This is often frustrating when sitting on the toilet. You will feel like you haven’t finished but there is nothing else coming out.

  • Tiredness

Again, everyone can feel tired periodically. But, if you are constantly fatigued and feel weak it’s an indication something is wrong.

  • Weight loss

For many people weight loss is desirable but, unexplained and unexpected weight loss should always be investigated further. It means your body isn’t absorbing the nutrients it needs.

  • Changes in your bowel habits and functions

If you notice a change in the consistency of your stool or any other differences from normal, you need to get checked.

Alongside the above, you may experience nausea, vomiting, anaemia, and problems passing stools.

Dealing With Colon Cancer

The key to successfully dealing with colon cancer is to speak to a colorectal surgeon as early as possible. These surgeons are experts in the colon and will be able to help you identify the cause and administer the necessary treatment.

If caught early, the majority of cases of colon cancer can be cured. In fact, as much as 60% of colon cancer deaths could be avoided if the disease was caught earlier.

Most sufferers will have the tumour removed and some of the surrounding healthy tissue. This will shorten the length of the colon but doesn’t usually cause any impendence to lifestyle. In many cases, this can resolve the issue although regular screening will still be advised. But, some sufferers will also need radiotherapy or chemotherapy to ensure the cancer is completely destroyed.

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