Crucial Things about Back Surgery

Everyone has experienced back pain after carrying a heavy weight or sitting in the wrong posture for a long time. In most instances, this pain goes away naturally. However, there are instances where this pain remains and is not managed by conservative treatments. In this instance, the only remaining option is to have back surgery. If you are suffering from this condition, then Roswell back surgery could be for you. The following are the crucial things you should understand before having back surgery.

How to prevent back pain

The following are tips that can help you avoid the back pain;

Lifting the objects safely

Most individuals who use poor form to lift the items from the surface can risk having back pain. The poor lifting techniques increase strain in your back, thus exposing you to the conditions. Adopt safe lifting methods such as bending your knees while collecting objects from the ground. These techniques help strengthen the abdomen muscles, increasing the spine’s stability.

Drinking adequate water

Water is crucial for almost every process in the body. You should ensure you are always hydrated by drinking water even if you are not necessarily feeling thirsty. Drinking plenty of water improves the spine’s wellness since it enhances the intervertebral disk’s viscosity. The thickness in these discs is ideal for shock absorption, which keeps you from developing back pain.

Avoid excessive weight

Maintaining a healthy weight helps to prevent various complications in the body. Excessive weight increases stress on the spine, resulting in back pain. Individuals should retain a healthy weight, through embracing measures such as reducing processed food intake. You can also engage in physical exercises to reduce the build-up of fats in your body.

Change the sleeping posture

Some sleeping positions can increase the risk of having back pain. For example, when individuals sleep on their stomachs, they exert unnecessary pressure on the spine. You should sleep on your back or sideways, to maintain maximum comfort and reduce experiencing the stress at the back, which can be painful.

Types of Back Surgeries

 The following are the commonly used surgeries


It is the process where the herniated portion of the disk is removed to reduce the inflammation and irritation experienced by the nerve. This process may call for removing partial or entire back pain of the vertebra (lamina) to reach the ruptured disk.


It is the process which connects the bones that could have been dislocated from your spine. It helps reduce the pain since it adds stability to the fractured spine. In most instances, it is used to manage the painful motion that exists between the vertebrae. This pain usually arises as a result of an injured disk.

Artificial disks

They are usually used as an alternative for spine fusion if you suffer from painful movements between the two vertebrae caused by the degenerated or injured disk. However, this process has not yet gained popularity among many people.

Most people suffering from acute back pain complain of having reduced mobility. However, the main problem is that the people are not ready to undertake the back pain surgery because they fear it may be unsuccessful. Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center has a record of carrying out successful back pain surgeries. Book your appointment today and start living an enjoyable life again.

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