Current Status of Global R&D in Drying

It was in 1985 that I suggested to Dr. Carl W. Hall, then Editor of Drying Technology – An International Journal and Deputy Director for Engineering at the National Science Foundation, Washington D.C., that since IDS had matured and developed its own momentum and recognition around the world, it was time to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the field.

Much to my delight Dr. Hall accepted the idea and went ahead to seek successfully sponsors for four major awards that were initiated at IDS’86 held on the august campus of MIT, Cambridge, MA. This program has now evolved into a major event with the support of large multi-national companies. I believe that this program in its own right has helped promote drying as a viable research area worthy of serious investigation.

It has also helped bring “new blood” into drying R&D – an extremely important and desirable by-product of the success of IDS. ADC series have already started a Major Awards program from its very inception. India has awakened recently and initiated significant drying R&D activity particularly at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. A number of workshops have been held very successfully focusing on drying but also incorporating filtration and crystallization to meet the needs of the growing chemical industry of India.

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The world R&D in Drying

Indeed, IDS2008 was held very successfully in Hyderabad in October 2008. In the coming years I expect China, Iran, Brazil and several western European countries to drive drying R&D in the next decade. Currently the contribution from North America, Japan, UK etc to the global archival literature in drying is miniscule by any standard.

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An important feature of IDS since its very inception has been the formal publication of the technical papers presented at the meetings so that relevant knowledge is made available globally.

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Since the meetings are not obviously accessible to all the interested parties around the world an important part of IDS tasks has been to edit and publish the bound proceedings volumes. Indeed, some 4000 papers have been presented at IDS meetings to date and a majority of them are (some are out-of-print now) available to the worldwide community.

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