Dental Implants, Are They Worth It?

Tooth loss affects your oral health in various ways. It lowers the quality of your smile, which may hurt your self-confidence. Missing teeth may also lead to bone loss, which may disfigure your facial structure. When you do not have all your teeth, you are also likely to struggle with various teeth functions, including chewing and speech. The good thing is you have an option to replace your missing teeth and restore your oral function and health. Temecula implants specialist restores your smile instantly. This article talks more about dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants are tooth roots made of a metal material, usually titanium. Your provider places the metal tooth roots into your jawbone to restore your natural tooth. The implants gradually join with the jawbone, enhancing firm support.

You can replace one or more teeth using implants, or you can use them to install bridges and dentures.

What are the reasons you should choose dental implants?

Dental implants are among the best dental restorations; they provide the strongest support and a durable option. Other advantages of dental implants include:

  •         Provides comfort when eating and speaking
  •         Prevents bone loss, preserving your jawbone
  •         Enhances your facial appearance
  •         They feel and look natural, restoring a natural smile
  •         They are strong, hence not easily damaged

With proper care, dental implants may last forever.

Caring for your dental implants

Dental implants require the same care you would give to your natural teeth. You should brush and floss daily, and receiving a dental exam and cleaning after six months are also critical.

What are the different implant dentistry services?

There are several implant dentistry services available at Sunshine Dental Inc, including:

Sinus lift augmentation

You may require to undergo sinus lift augmentation if you have upper back missing teeth. The procedure helps enhance your sinus activity to its original size by restoring any bone loss. Your providers conduct a bone graft before placing the implants.

Usually, you wait for about 9- 12 months to heal before going forward with the placement of the implant.

Autogenous bone grafting

This applies to patients who need implants but do not have enough bone. Your dentist takes bone from another part of your mouth and grafts it into the treatment area.

Implant site development

It involves your provider performing bone grafting after a tooth extraction to prepare for dental implants in the future.

Computer enhanced treatment planning

It involves a CT scan technique that gives  3D images of your bone grafts, implants, and the healing process. The scans help modify your smile.

Implant maintenance

Like your natural teeth, dental implants also require regular maintenance. When properly looked after, implants last forever. Remember to practice good oral hygiene habits for your implants too.

I do not think there is a person who would want to bear the discomfort and insecurity of having missing teeth, not to mention the poor smile and teeth function associated with it. Dental implants are here to give a lasting solution for missing teeth. The procedure may take a while, but the results say it all. Talk to Sunshine Dental, Inc today to book your appointment.

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