Do NAD+ Supplements Really Live Up To The Hype?

If you’re the type of person who likes to keep themselves up-to-date with all the latest in health trends, then there’s a strong chance that you’ve heard, or read about NAD. A word that’s been doing the rounds in wellness circles of late, NAD is an abbreviation of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, and found in every one of our body’s cells, it is a co-enzyme that generates energy. Despite the fact that the body produces NAD naturally, levels typically deteriorate as we get older, and many people choose to combat this with supplementation. 

With the COVID-19 health pandemic having taught more of us about the importance of investing in health strategies to combat viruses and the like, seeking out ways of boosting NAD+ (in its so-called ‘raw’ form) in the form of a nad shot has become increasingly popular in the UK. 

While NAD+ has reportedly been associated with numerous health benefits, such as the promotion of healthy skin and giving us energy boosts, does it really live up to all of the hype? Let’s look at NAD+ a little more closely:

In the absence of clinical trials on a substantial scale, some research does show that NAD+ supplementation could provide us with a number of health benefits, including those listed below:

  • An increase in alertness and energy levels

This is arguably one of the most beneficial rewards of NAD+ supplements, helping improve our energy levels both physically and mentally, giving us enhanced cognitive function, and reducing brain fog. 

  • Better sleep

Thanks to the fact that NAD+ can help the body regulate its circadian rhythm, those taking it as a supplement are able to enjoy a higher quality of sleep. One recent study also showed that in older adults, NAD+ reduced fatigue. 

  • Enhanced recovery

Boosting your reserves of NAD+ is also found to be helpful in promoting muscle recovery following a period of exercise. 

  • Improved hair and nail growth

Some people taking a NAD+ supplement have found that their nails and hair have becoming stronger and healthier. Research shows that this is because NAD+ helps to improve our cellular health, causing the body to invest more of its resources to areas of our biology that are less important. 

  • Collagen regeneration

Cellular health helps to give our skin a boost, and by taking a NAD+ supplement that protects the cells in our body producing collagen, we can effectively and conveniently increase collagen production and reduce wrinkles commonly caused by a loss of collagen. 

Are there any disadvantages associated with NAD+ supplements?

As of today, no adverse or worrying side effects have been recorded by anyone taking NAD+ in supplement form, but it’s important to recognize that its safety in terms of long-term use and high dosages, has yet to be determined. 

NAD+ in the form of IV therapy can cause muscles to cramp and induce nausea, but if given slowly and by a qualified health professional, those symptoms can be minimized. 

What is the best way to supplement NAD+?

While coming in a variety of forms, NAD+ supplementation is popularly administered as a nad injection booster, IV, or orally: in liquid or pill form. Whichever way you choose to take NAD+ supplementation, you should always seek the appropriate medical advice before doing so. 

Perhaps only time will tell whether NAD+ supplementation lives up to all of the hype it’s currently receiving here in the UK and across the pond, but for now, it certainly seems to have a distinct set of advantages, with no worrying side effects.

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