Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause a lot of bodily changes after the first four weeks. If you believe that you may be pregnant, here are some of the symptoms you may experience early on.

Sensorial Changes to Your Breasts

Your breasts and nipples may feel sensitive and achy 4 to 6 weeks after the start of the pregnancy. Gestational hormones may cause your breasts to change in appearance as well, making them larger. You can purchase maternity bras to provide more comfort and less chafing as you go about your day.

Light Bleeding and Uterine Cramps

You may experience some spotting around 4 weeks after conception. The bleeding can occur for a couple of hours, or it can manifest episodically for the next few days. This phenomenon is called implantation bleeding. It indicates that an embryo has attached to your uterine lining. You may have uterine cramps as well, although they will be milder than menstrual cramps.

Missed Period

Implantation bleeding is not universal. Some people never experience bleeding of any kind, which indicates a missed period. You will notice this change about a month after conception if your period is regular. However, if your menstrual cycle is less predictable, a pregnancy test will confirm whether or not you are pregnant.

Stomach Sickness

Many people experience nausea around 4 to 6 weeks after conception. Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy-induced nausea does not always result in vomiting, although the sensation can intensify as the first trimester concludes. This stomach sickness can occur any time of day, despite its well-known moniker, morning sickness. The exact cause of the nausea is unknown, but scientists speculate that hormonal changes are to blame.

What Are Your Options?

If you have underlying medical conditions that could endanger your wellbeing if you were pregnant, you should consult with a healthcare provider. It is possible to intentionally terminate your pregnancy with medications. These can be provided by a healthcare professional up to 11 weeks after conception, after which you can undergo the physical abortion procedure in a qualified clinic. If you take these medications and then decide that you would rather continue the pregnancy, abortion pill reversal is possible within the first 24 hours, but it is not guaranteed.

You can also endure the entire gestational period and register your child with an adoption agency if you feel that you are not ready to become a parent. This does not mean that you have to be absent from your child’s life. You can disclose your desired level of involvement in the adoption agreement that you create with the agency.

If you are ready to be a parent, you can prepare yourself for the road ahead. There are many websites and magazines, both online and in print, that are dedicated to providing resources on parenting. Some organizations and pregnancy centers offer classes for expectant parents to take.

If you encounter any of these symptoms within the appropriate time frame, there is a possibility that you are pregnant. However, this should be confirmed by a pregnancy test, which can be taken at home or in a health center. If the test is positive, it is important to consider your options going forward.

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