Enhance Your Sexual Health With PRP Therapy

Although it is the least discussed topic, your sexual health is vital in your ability to perform your daily tasks and lead a happy life. Problems such as erectile dysfunction and painful sex can ruin this essential part of your life. Fortunately, Dr. Michael Rotman offers PRP therapy which restores your sexual sensation without surgical intervention.

The role of platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma is a solution drawn from a small sample of your blood. The specialists perform the procedure in an office setting, meaning you don’t need advanced preparation. Your blood consists of several components, including platelets which facilitate blood clotting. Platelets also consist of unique proteins known as growth factors that stimulate healing and cell regeneration. Your doctor obtains the PRP by spinning a small blood sample in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets. Your provider then injects the solution into your body.

The team applies a numbing agent onto your penis before injecting the solution to ensure that you don’t experience any pain. They also use a negative pressure pump to increase the success rates of the treatment. Your doctor attaches the device to your penis and transmits negative blood pressure to draw blood into the organ. This technique ensures that the PRP delivers the results as expected.

Without this technique, the PRP will likely mix with the general circulation. Your doctor may recommend using the device daily at home to create a conducive environment for the PRP to work. If the results are satisfactory but you want to enhance them, you can schedule regular PRP therapy appointments 2-3 months apart.

How PRP enhances your sexual health

Healthy sex life is vital for both men’s and women’s happiness and general wellness. People who experience sexual problems like the inability to orgasm or painful intercourse often find life frustrating and devastating. Dr. Rotman uses PRP injections to enhance sexual sensation, correcting sexual dysfunction. During your appointment, he injects the solution into the vaginal or penile tissues to improve circulation and promote cell regeneration. Men who interacted with PRP therapy ascertain that they have decreased erectile dysfunction and increased sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Medical research also shows that PRP increases the straightness and size of erections.

How is PRP better compared to other sexual health therapies

Sexual intimacy is a sensitive subject that many may not be willing to discuss. Many people undergo sexual dysfunction quietly, ignorant that there is a noninvasive treatment that can restore their pleasure. PRP injections are known to be effective in correcting erectile dysfunction naturally.

Many people would like to avoid surgery and pharmaceutical intervention but still desire to enhance their sexual performance. Considering that the PRP is extracted from your blood, there is no risk of treatment rejection. Additionally, the treatment has no side effects or risk of infection. If PRP therapy enhances your sexual performance, you can schedule more treatment sessions to continue enjoying your newfound energy.

If you’re interested in the benefits of PRP in your sex life, call Dr. Rotman or book an appointment online today.

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